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What's in our DNA?

As a bowler, celebration is in your DNA! We celebrate strikes. We celebrate honor scores. We celebrate within ourselves. We celebrate as a team. We celebrate wins. Today, we hope you find something to celebrate on and off the lanes.

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8 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Celebrating is in Our DNA”

  1. If you want to be a better Bowling Ball Manufacturer… Stop overpricing your products. Brunswick $149 for top of the product stack. Storm… 200+
    The reason why you price your bowling balls so high… is because of your marketing plan. You are BLEEDING cash to these STAFFERS… and those losses have to be made up. Its simple… fire 50% of the staffers and change how the program works altogether. Just because you have a platform… doesn’t mean they should be a staffer.

    1. @Somkhith PhattaphoneIf you can name the most effective and popular Ball line then you will see what I mean. If you don’t know it… then you are not knowledgeable enough to even debate it with me.

    2. @The Real Honest Raider  the most successful storm line is probably their thunder or master line. Most tournaments on the pro tour have been won with those two lines. Priced around 150 bucks

    3. @Somkhith Phattaphone Hammer Widow Line outsells and performs for 150… The Widow 2.0 Hybrid is the best ball to come out in the past 3 years… hands down. Sales reflect that assessment. Performance of the Widow 2.0 and Ghost Line… covers everything you will need besides a spare ball. They are the most versatile… and are quickly filling bag spaces in ever pros bag. No Storm Ball even compares to that level of performance and value wrapped in one ball. They justdont… instead they want to come out with a ball to replace another ball they already have… but with a new name… so they can charge you that $225+ price.
      In all the storm ball reviews they are so close to a ball that already exists… that pros don’t even bother usually… that’s why a Phaze II was so good… but look at how many attempts they have done to try and resell that ball under different Phaze numbers… and at the High Ball price. Storm as a company is greedy… price gougingly greedy… and their products arent even elite.. they are average or on par with everyone else within Brunswicks 7 companies. Hammer alone craps all over Storm… Purple Hammer alone outsells any Storm ball on the pro tour… So yeah… try again.

    4. @The Real Honest Raider ngl chief I thought you were talking about the phammy, which is around the same price as a Pitch Black. And that BW 2.0 is the same price as a Phaze II. The Mindset is only ~$15 cheaper than a DNA so the price differences aren’t that big. The big difference is between SPI/B7 and Motiv

      Edit: Pitch Black is actually $10-20 cheaper than the Purple Hammer

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