Storm Bowling | Darren Tang Xplain’s !Q Ruby

Darren Tang, Storm PBA Staffer, explains he the new !Q Ruby fits in his bag, and how he will use it.

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31 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Darren Tang Xplain’s !Q Ruby”

    1. I mean, they specifically choose brands of light pins that fly extra high for their in house testing. It makes the ball look better for advertising purposes.

      “I don’t get hits like that at home,” is actually true; he wouldn’t.

  1. I just bought this ball and rarely get messengers. I’ve bowled twice with this ball and gotten 4 messengers! I love it!

    1. @RB can’t be worse than my P5. I’ve had it for months now and the thing stinks up my car every time I pack up the bags. They need to get rid of the scented bs already

  2. Why do they always have a cameraman getting strike close-ups and never give us that camera angle, close-up slomo clips would be awesome

  3. Cool tech bowling bowling ball storm iq ruby with Nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

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