Storm Bowling | DNA Xplained With Chad McLean - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Chad McLean, Storm's Technical Director, explains how the new DNA fits in his bag and how he will use it.

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10 Comments on “Storm Bowling | DNA Xplained With Chad McLean”

  1. How would this compare to the Nova? Clearly the DNA covers more boards but is it quicker off the spot?

  2. Demo’d this ball and it is a ball I am missing. I got rid of my Gem because it’s to slow for me

    But with this I couldn’t miss, it did everything I wanted to see on the lanes. Once my pockets say the time is right I’m grabbing one instantly

  3. I’d love to see Storm bring out the Inferno Physix, not like the Fire Physix from Overseas with NEX and 1500 Grit polish, but with the Exotherm coverstock but as a hybrid cover on it. Just an idea, I thought of.

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