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What's IN OUR DNA?

Today, Barbara Chrisman, Co-Founder of Storm Products, talks to us about how Giving IS and HAS always been in our DNA. She tells us the stories that make us who we are.

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9 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Giving is in Our DNA”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball storm DNA bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  2. That’s why I love Storm bowling balls because I had a hyroad and Reign and the older one was the Elneno

  3. Donating to charity is awesome and a good thing but be realistic, Storm donates for the same reason Warren Buffett donates, or any other large company donates, tax write offs. This is a strategy every company uses just most companies don’t make you tubes to tell you how great they are. Awesome job Storm.

    1. I have to disagree with you on this one. Storm is not a large company. By definition, Storm is actually a small company and having met all the people that actually work there in person and bowled with a bunch of their non pro staff and Storm is nothing like Warren Buffett. They actually do donate because they care about people and they care about the sport of bowling.

    2. @Kyle B  You make a great point but being a small company even proves the point more. It would be a horrible business decision not to take the tax break. I would like to think good business decisions are more important for a smaller company although one of the largest bowling ball manufacturers in the world being a small company is arguable. Swag bowling balls is a small company, I do agree though Storm is not on the level of Toyota or Microsoft. Storm makes around 26 million a year and has around 100 employees although that number is probably higher now. Regardless of company size, the write off basically makes the donations a wash more or less, Storm looks good donating and gets to do it for free. Business 101. Most adults that have any money savvy do the same thing every year for the same reason on personal taxes as well. For example the old clothes you gave to goodwill or hospice, maybe the monthly donation you give to shriners are great donations. Oh and what a coincidence it’s tax season right now.

  4. When had a ball,I bought that didn’t pass,they made it right. This a family run business,I love the balls the balls they sell, am nobody special,just a customer,I still bowl different than anyone else,and yet love how these balls feel.

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