Storm Bowling | Jason Belmonte Reacts to the 2023 Queens Final Match - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Jason Belmonte and Gary Hulsenberg talk about the final match of the 2023 Queens and Lindsay Boomershine's first win! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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6 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Jason Belmonte Reacts to the 2023 Queens Final Match”

  1. Watching pro women bowl is the most satisfying thing because they are so fundamentally trained. League bowlers can relate to them and learn more. Fact matter is most league bowlers donโ€™t have 18-20mph speed and 450+ rev like the menโ€™s tour.

    1. @Brian Levandowski You are spot on. League bowlers will ALWAYS learn more from PWBA bowlers. Their fundamentals are sound, and they are more like what a league bowler should aspire to be. No question. No argument.

    1. COOL TECH TROLLING of BELMO talking bowling by Scotty Thompson the “KING” of the TROLLS ….. Scotty Thompson

  2. Man we just ignoring the 4 unoiled lanes and questionable quality of the rest of the USBC’s delivery.

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