Storm Bowling | Our ALL NEW Performance Thumb Tape - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Introducing our ALL NEW Performance fitting thumb tape! This new Silver thumb tape fits right in between our smooth Black tape and our coarse White tape. Take a look at how you can dial in your fit with VP of Product Development Steve Kloempken!

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8 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Our ALL NEW Performance Thumb Tape”

  1. One of the biggest issues with most textured tape on the market is that the adhesive bleeds through the cloth and causes the tape to get very gummy and sticky. Does your tape correct this? RBT does but many consider it too thick and this sounds like the solution. Also, will you have a 1/2 inch offering?

    1. yeah i bought a roll of silver tape but my bag must have gotten hot cuz the sticky resin melted and all the tape became useless

  2. The best thumb tape I enjoyed over the last 20 years was the Power House tape the white was so good.
    Now that those are gone, I have to find a new one. Are these by chance made by the same company?

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