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Steve Kloempken talks with Storm's PBA Tour Manager Del Ballard about the Code Black and what he saw with it during international competition. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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23 Comments on “Storm | Code Black Ball Reaction”

  1. The code black was A international ball a few years ago and storm is making a code black limited for international bowlers

  2. I don’t use VLS pin buffer drilling method. Please give the dual angle measurements for the Pin up and Pin down layouts mentioned in the video. I get the 5″ pin to PAP, Val would be about 30-35 on the pin up , 70 on the pin down and I can approximate drilling angles but I don’t like guess work  🙂

  3. you guys should have a suggestion page so you can connect with your customers. you don’t have to follow through on most of them, just take them into consideration like being able to custom order a ball with a specific color like a code black with the snap lock colors or something. it might change the reaction slightly, and give a disclaimer, but it would be cool. That way there could be uniqueness in different bowling balls.

  4. if this is the test center in brigham city, ive been on a tour there and that little mini bowling alley/testing area is awesome.

  5. Just wanted to say that since I got the new Code Black, I have yet to bowl a game UNDER my previous average. 165. At least 10 pins but usually more. Also bowled my highest game to date on my league with a nice 276. More strikes and more drive into the pocket than my “not so old” Columbia. Thank you Storm.

  6. this ball lets me play 10 boards deeper. on toasted lanes it did not lose energy and always made the turn.

  7. Bought mine 30 days ago – took about 12 games to adjust to it. Simply put – the ball is amazing and worth every penny

  8. Would this be a good ball choice for a heavy/long oil pattern? I don’t have a much rev rate and my speed is 16, 17mph. And my code red+ hyroad just flies down lane and barely comes back 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. I know this is old but it may still help for heavy long oil I would suggest a ball that has a solid coverstock like sure lock and now Crux prime this ball would be good once the oil starts to break down

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