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Steve, Alex, and Jason Belmonte create a TREND - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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40 Comments on “Storm | Creating a TREND Pt. 1”

  1. It would be great if they told us which type of coverstocks they were using on the different test balls. :/ Either way I can’t wait to throw my Trend.

    1. DASO MILITIA I’m impressed. I’m coming off of throwing the Hammer Redemption Solid, so it was an adjustment. But I am pleased with how it connects. Ready for league play!

  2. Given that it’s already released now it would have been nice to hear what the different covers were on the test balls, and the pattern bowled on would help too 🤙🏽

  3. 11:43
    Damn! It was like a THROWBACK to
    Which was hooked like NO OTHER ball can and slapped the heck out of the damn 1st and 2nd pin! (edit 2: Jason picked the one that i was talking about! 😎😎)

    Btw, i am planning to buy a TREND for myself but, maybe after a year or two cause, 1 USD equals 7,37 TRY/Turkish Lira.
    (based on August 19th, 03:27 on my timezone)

    Edit: I hope… I just hope that i can find Trend after one or two years later. If i can, i will order one WAAAY from USA to Turkey.
    #Belmo2Hands #StormNation

    1. The general “trend” (no pun intended) for belmo signature line balls is to only make them for a year – so if you really want one – you will probably need to get it in the next 12 months unfortunately

  4. Btw… I got two questions…
    1) Is it LIGHT or HEAVY?
    For example, i bought a 12 lbs ball. Will it feel HEAVIER or LIGHTER?

    2) Can you guys release 10 or 11 lbs balls of this as well? I am a.. well… lightweight and 2 handed bowler, dude! 😂😅

    Edit: I bought a Brunswick ball before and it was 13 lbs but it felt like it was LITERALLY 16 lbs lmao.

    (NOTE: if you are wondering why i want a new ball, my Brunswick FuZe cracked so badly. I could not use it anymore and i threw it in trash)

    1. @pork is the best meat i mean i can easily bowl with 14 lbs house balls now. Never could get a pro ball before.

  5. I’m glad you went with the secondary color love my trend!!! Raised my average 20 pins with it so far this season fall season Bham al

    1. @Jeff Bear : Not in Michigan for sure.
      Diehards ’round here drove to Ohio for some action, and they said, “That it wasn’t on jam either”. It’s gonna be a tough 20/21 season on the centers. Open bowling just began and most leagues starting are deflated or defunct. Tossed my 1st one since March last week. I have 9 not drilled in boxes and 5 practically fresh 🔨 s in my bags.
      I have a Pro Motion that’s alright.
      Nutt’n to brag ‘bound. Name and cover changes will probably provide a decent compliment for Storm fans, but Belmo (almost) made the Timeless look good.
      Covid has hurt Bowling bad. Hang in there my friend, support your favorite centers if and when possible.
      Keep that game tight.
      Peace, from “The D”.

    2. @hmatt10 I’ve been subbing only.I would not commit to a league.Now.I’m glad I didn’t.Personal and physical reasons are making me have to quit bowling for a while.Maybe next season will be better for me.Have fun guys and gals.Score well!

    3. @Monk Amani I was reluctant to commit to a league.So I’ve been subbing only.Glad I did that now.Physical and personal reason are going to keep me away from bowling again for a while.Maybe next season.
      I can’t imagine having 9 undrilled balls?It’s like have Christmas presents and not being able to open them! hehe
      Good luck.Be safe.Score high!

  6. Lol I usually have that same issue when it comes to the ball bouncing/lanes making noise. It all depends on how far or close a person lays or drops the ball down but also some lanes don’t have any floor equipment underneath the lanes which causes the balls to double dribble

  7. Man, my favorite color combination is blue and orange, so I would have loved to see that be the final product. For some reason, it looks kind of cheap with the current colors (maybe because it looks a lot like the Tropical Storm).

    Huh, maybe that is why I liked the Virtual Gravity so much.

  8. Man, those Twister Pins are SO Annoying but it’s fun to see Belmo shred the Twisters Pins into an EF5 Effect.

    1. @Karavite Brandon it says “let’s see..” not “it won’t get into anyone’s bag”.

      How many of the aforementioned balls did you see out on tour?

  9. I wonder what layouts belmo actually used on these balls they talked about working on a few but didn’t mention what they tried

  10. My Trend I have now looks beautiful, when I first release the ball the blue and teal match my revs and it’s a perfect blend

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