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Welcome to ‘The Center of UNBRIDLED POWER!’ For eight years running now, more professionals have included Storm in their arsenal than any other brand. They want the same thing as amateur bowlers—superior performance. With strong, consistent motion and energy through the pins Storm bowling balls are incomparable, the CRUX is no exception!

Its' Catalyst™ Core is not only our latest groundbreaking technology, it is the sparkplug of this ball. It soon will be the stimulation of exceptional bowling. Its’ dynamic asymmetrical design will help you create more angle through the pocket. It’s been proven that increasing your entry-angle gives you a much wider margin for error that can lead to more strikes. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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  1. ‘The Center of UNBRIDLED POWER!’ – our latest groundbreaking technology #stormnation   #crux   #hooksonanything  

  2. Thank you for making this video! This shows that there is an art to creating and designing within this sport. This really inspires me with my efforts on manufacturing my own bowling ball. Please don’t let this idea die. Create more of these marvelous “behind the design” videos for future releases!

  3. How do you compare this ball to the optimus, length and hook? I need some information to decide which ball I want, thanks

  4. Fantastic glimpse at the passion and thinking that goes into the Crux and every ball Storm creates. I reside near Storm HQ. On any night in northern Utah you can find their employees, including those on the shop floor participating in league play. Some with brand new equipment and some with older Storm balls. But all of them supporting this sport and representing the company they work for. Great job on this video. Unmatched video quality.

  5. I need the Storm Crux because I cannot afford superior equipment. The ball that I use for recreation and league I purchased at the Salvation Army. It is a good ball, and a Storm, but it is about 10 years old. It cost me $5.00 and I was fortunate to find it. I have aspirations of bowling on the PBA someday and the Crux by Storm would be a great help on my journey.

  6. My learning curve in bowling started with the purchase of a Storm bowling ball. I upgraded as my personal finances allowed to a Defiant Soul and I am now bowling with a Zero Gravity. Each up grade improved my average right at the time I had reached a plane in my average for as much as 15 pins. Now to some that may not be significant but I am 70 years of age and when you can go from a 150 to a 175 in one year at my age, I feel that I have accomplished a lot. Being a retired Engineer and watching the developement of this Bowling ball, I can relate to the dynamics and reasoning. I know that I am a little inconsistant in my approach and delivery and seeing what Storm has developed in this ball, it will allow me to level the playing field and improve my bowling. I have reached a plane once again in my bowling and realize that in order for me to break the 200 barrier I need to upgrade. But as finances restrict me to do so the Crux is out of my league so I guess 175 is going to be my bowling plateau.

  7. I have been bowling since I was 7. Always trying to improve and looking for the best in equipment to help me get better. I changed to the Storm Manic a few years ago and boosted my ave. to 205. I am 61 now and need to let the ball do all the work. The Crux looks like the next step in doing just that. Never had a 300 but this ball looks like it will get me there.

  8. This seemed so much like an Apple commercial. I was about to say is storm gonna make a phone? The Storm phone 6? lol……..But can’t wait to get my hands on this crux though.

  9. Great video please do more like it. I absolutely love Storm and Roto Grip, I wish I could work for them. When I get my Crux tomorrow hopefully I get some scores right out of the box with it

  10. The female athlete throwing this ball has SERIOUS technique!! That roll is just so incredibly smooth! Magnifique!~

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