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Jason Belmonte worked very close with Hank Boomershine and Alex Hoskins of our R&D Team to produce the ALL NEW PRO MOTION. Hank created an all new weight block shape and had Jason throw various balls with various covers to truly FIND his Pro Motion. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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28 Comments on “Storm | Finding Pro-Motion”

  1. Where exactly is this shop at? I feel a road trip coming on real soon like providing the storm shop would even let a normal guy like me in to test a few… I’m just a league bowler that loves the sport!

    1. Samuel Kraft the address is on all storm and rotogrip boxes for balls made in the USA brigham city utah

  2. Amazing talent,bowling the best balls,creating dreams for all!I want a Pro Motion in my life!

    1. Pro motion is still my favorite ball in my arsenal, I have pro motion, jacket legacy, phaze 3 and another ball 916 all terrain or something like that but the pro motion is just amazing

  3. I swear this better be the only/main ball that Belmo throws ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Also I just wish they made more balls based off other bowlers more often as well

    1. Just make a plastic ball and write norm duke on it. He’s a master of working the wrist to make any ball do anything. He only needs bowling ball for convenience. surface is all he needs.

  4. What sweatpants does belmo wear? Really want to know. Also is it just me or has belmo modified his release to have more loft when not throwing over the gutter. He seemed to be lofting more in this vid

    1. @Micro Luckbox ik that I’ve just wanted to know the exact name because Adidas has so many damn different style of sweatpants and I like those ones specifically

  5. I wish we could go somewhere and get the stats taken on how we bowl. Speed, revs, breakpoints and all. Then PSOs could recommend the best ball for what stage we are in for our reaction to resemble Belmo’s. Let’s face it, he’s an anomaly. The balls should be true to and live up to us- not the other way around. But I guess that would be bad for the bowling ball manufacturers. This is average Joe’s version of buying a Ferrari without having the skills to be a Formula One driver.

    1. Well you’re in luck. The storm website has a match maker on their website and recommends bowling balls based on your specs and lane conditions. There are also many bowling alleys across the country with specto that track ball speed, rev rate, lay down, launch angle, and break point that you can bowl on and see where exactly you fit in there. Or you could record your shots manually and do the math to figure out what exactly those specs would be yourself. Fortunately Storm has videos showing you how to go about that exactly. Hope this helped, and good luck in the future.
      P.s. you can be just as good as Jason if you put enough work in and use different bowling balls to fit different conditions instead of thinking 1 ball only works for a few people. It’s all about what’s right at that exact moment.

  6. Before I give love to Radical who is a big part of my arsenal, I have to give love to Storm for the IQ Tour Solid. The best symmetrical ball of all time. I will have one in my bag until I die.

  7. When I was able to bowl. I had a burgundy hammer that would tear through the oil like these balls. I would pick up one of these if I still was able to bowl.

  8. Storm should make a ball that plays a bunch of angles for someone that throws it 13-15 mph with a bunch of revs (2 handed)

  9. Belmo is the best at choosing a ball that doesn’t only fit his style but everyone’s else’s style I got to throw it a little bit and it’s a great ball

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