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PDW takes on the Hot Sauce Spare Challenge.

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30 Comments on “Storm | Hot Sauce Spare Challenge – PETE WEBER”

    1. “Storm”in’ Norman vs. Cancerous Clavin vs. Spare Harrelson. Fitting, what with the Beer Flu going around and all.

    1. It was on the top of my wish list when we came up with the concept of the Spare Challenge.

  1. Storm – PLEASE make more of these videos!! This format with the Tang brothers or any of your very personable young talent would also be very entertaining.

  2. I like how there’s always the fire extinguisher by the table 🀣🀣
    Also, great vid! Loving the pros being a part of these challenges πŸ™‚

  3. This was awesome. Its so nice to see PDW sober and healthy again. This was fun to watch, plus you get to see the side of PDW that not many people know. Love it.

  4. I don’t have Storm products but this was worth the watch and you got a new sub. Pete took it like a champ even though he won.

  5. Pete Weber is the greatest person to ever hit the PBA! I’m a huge fan and love him! Just think how boring the sport would be without him…

  6. Def a monotony breaker from the stresses of the tournaments thru the week and bowling under the lights in the end. This was ingenious. Had me rollin’, I laughed so damn hard. Storm, you have to keep doing these if these guys are willing to participate. Better man than me, I couldn’t make it passed a wing smothered with garlic parmesan.

  7. Wow Pete Weber handled it like a boss. You got to get Shannon O’Keefe on this

    3:27 3:35 Creamy Herb

    5:08 Spicy Horse radish mustard

    5:38 Pete saying good mustard taste nice taste

    7:50 Incoming Next Day You Pay hot sauce

    14:51 Hellfire hot sauce no freaking way!!!

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