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30 Comments on “Storm | How-To Find Your Rev Rate”

  1. you say to out the contrast tape in between the grips but what if im a 2 hander and have the 2 finger holes only

    1. same tape placement, but just imagine where the thumb whole would be. Also, on your approach, do you throw from the left side (like a right hander) or the right side (like a left hander)? That would determine if you put the tape to the right or the left.

  2. The time matters to find your speed also. Since that ball was thrown and hit the pins in 2.15 seconds, your speed was around 19.45 mph

    1. That’s the average speed. Not speed of the hand, that should be higher since the ball is slowing down when it starts to get grip

  3. I am doubting my rev rate. Based on this chart I would be between 400 and 432 (18 revs and time varies between 2.5 and 2.7 seconds)
    But when i look at my bal reaction on lane it doesn’t look anything like a 400+ rev player, more like 250-300 or has that more to do with my axis rotation and axis tilt?

    I am a person who is about measuring, but it also has to match my eye (if that makes any sence)
    Am I doing something wrong?

    My speed of my hand is between 17.5 and 18 mph (found out yesterday with Specto) so i am speed dominant.

    1. Gus K I have about a 500 rev rate (I’m two handed) and I still have that problem with my equipment now. It could just be a drilling thing or it might be that your equipment is not as strong as it once was or should be because my reactives now (my drive and timeless) have me playing from fifteen to 8 on a fresh house shot. But I throw someone else’s ball and it hooks a ton. Also having higher axis rotation means the ball will skid further down lane before hooking but should have more motion in the backend and more axis tilt also makes the ball roll later.

    2. Chris le Sueur, well i doubt it has to do about my equipment, all pretty new stuff and resurfaced not so long back. But also when i got it out of box, i feel like it’s not generating a big hook from side to side. But i think it has to do with my hand positions from backswing to release. Also i am now practicing using more cupped hand and uncupping at release and trying to have my hand on the inside with thumb in and outside when thumb get’s out. Seeing difference, not much, but i can see it. So i guess i just need to practice that part a lot more. If i compare myself to the high rev players with big hook (like EJ Tacket) i can clearly see how much rotation the make at the bottem, thus creating more sideways hook.

      Also my gear is mostly pearl, so a solid should react way sooner as well. That’s going to be my next ball. A Reactive solid, probably the Jackal Rising

  4. would this way of recording my shot be best to see what is going on with my shot? I bowl from a wheelchair and want to make a newer video of my bowling to see how I can get even better. I’m around a 112 average right now and have been around that for 3 years.

    1. To the right of grip which of course when bowled, the ball is upside down so you see the tape on the left rolling down

  5. The video rev rate is actually around 450 because the timer’s centiseconds should be multiplied by 10/3 because it goes to only .3

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