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Kyle Troup joined us yet again to release another Phaze. Kyle's high rev rate and ball speed were the perfect combination to show off the new Phaze II. Watch the ball go down the lane and listen to Victor Marion and Chad McLean tell us how we took it to the 2nd Phaze. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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27 Comments on “Storm | Phaze II”

  1. Where can I get one of those round microfiber towels/pads to clean oil off my ball like the one you have

  2. I just got the phaze 2. For some reason keep hitting it through the head head pin no matter how much angle I get. I throw the ball slow at round 13-14mph. I feel like the phaze 2 has to much grip on the lane and I cant get enough on it to get it down the lane before it wants to grip/hook. Should I consider a pearl ball instead of the phaze 2? thanks love the content.

  3. I just got my phaze 2 in Thursday and got it drilled yesterday. It’s my first ball that’s actually bought and drilled for me. My friend gave me his first ball a month or so ago but it’s hard to bowl eith because the grips were smaller and made for left handers so my ring finger had lots of room and middle finger had no room so it was hard to get accurate shots out of it plus it didn’t do what I really wanted out of it. But the phaze 2 is going to be a killer based on all the videos and praise on it plus it fits my hand perfectly. Very excited!

  4. Love my Phase 2, bought it about six months ago. It took some getting used to but with me throwing faster (16-18 mph) it hits like a freight train. It also is forgiving if I miss a touch right, it’ll strike more often than not and it’ll even strike on a Brooklyn more than other balls I’ve had.

  5. I’ve purchased my Storm Phaze 2 last week. I should receive it tomorrow. I’m going to configure it so I can get more hooks.

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