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41 Comments on “Storm | Pitch Purple vs Pitch Black”

  1. I guess this kinda lays to rest the re color only comments on the ball. Can’t wait to get my hands on the purple ball.

    1. @Hugh Janis um that doesnt answer my question. My question is does the coverstock have pores to absorb oil or no

    2. @Fluffyguy958 that wasnt your original question. So i guess you gotta wait till you either buy one and see or some reviews come out.

    3. @Hugh Janisthe ball is either urethane or not. Pretty simple. My question is the same because the fever pitch is urethane-like, not urethane.

    1. His breakpoint is literally at the first or second board. If it was me, the ball would always end in the gutter if I play this close to it

  2. Because it is rampant below in the comments, every pitch ball made by Storm is urethane. They are all different formulations of urethane covers and none of them are reactive.

  3. Any idea what the ball speed and rev rate of this guy is? Just trying to figure out how this would apply to my game.

    1. Dont do that….
      Develop your own game!
      I’ve bought my first Storm ball last year, Hyroad Nano. It’s a good ball, but not as dynamic or versatile as my Global 900 Black Ops. When I use that ball, I get more then a few compliments, even enough to get a few people to buy that ball, because of how I was able to make it react. While some results were “similar” they couldn’t match what mine could do. And for the physical aspect, I’m kind of an athletic, lanky 6’3″ left handed-half thumb bowler. I look down the lane, the same as a pitcher looks down the strike zone and I throw.
      Its really fun taking someone else’s (right handed) ball, and make it hook harder then the letter “J”.
      Sorry to ramble on, but I think you’ll enjoy the game more not worrying about how others bowl. Just practice.

  4. im new to bowling so it’d be cool if yall could explain the difference between the 2 and what is boardwalk and what is urethane

  5. It would have been nice to see the SPECTO numbers so viewers can see how their release stats compare to the person throwing the ball.

  6. 0:46 – 0:57 Jesus could those three shots possibly get any more high flush?? 👀👀👀 I thought they were repeats of the same shot until I checked it out again

  7. So is the release of this ball why you discontinued the fever pitch? Both are supposed to be a urethane resin hybrid?

  8. I just got my pitch black and i am in love with it. It’s the best money could buy brand new. It’s upped my average immensely. Love this and hope to get a pitch purple soon

    1. How does it work on house shot? Need a ball that is less aggressive at the back on and less flare will this work?

    2. @Allen Thomas you don’t need less flare, you need a slower reaction to the dry. Less flare will leave you more susceptible to the wet dry of a house shot, if you miss in it will slide too far. The flare guarantees that a dry cover is available when you reach the dry on the lane. Urethane (any) will slow reaction to the dry, and offer control. Control is what you crave.

  9. Threw a 234 and a 247 with this ball during league last Sunday.
    It was also my first time bowling with my new Pitch Black as well!

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