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***All shots performed on Kegel's 42' Carbon oil pattern***

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36 Comments on “Storm | Proton PhysiX – 7 Ways”

  1. Edit: *remember Gravity Evolve video and try to understand what i am trying to mean..!* (no 2 hands again)

    First!! How are you, Storm Nation? Excited to see the new Proton Physix.
    When the Part 2 of ”Creating a ‘TREND’ ” will come? I’d like to know TREND’S BACKSTORY 🙂

    I hope i can get one after a year or so.

  2. Im so frustrated because I literally just bought a UFO which is also a pretty good ball but I already know this is gonna be an absolute gem

    1. i just got my nuclear cell and i like it alot but id still wanna ball for those much heavier conditions for tounaments but ill check into this but im also really wanting the gravity evolve

    2. I got this today and want the idol synergy I had the ufo and in my opinion I didn’t like it it didn’t match up for me but this cause of how early suits me perfectly I shot 240 my second game with it and 210 my first game

  3. Although it hooks a lot, it seems to be a little weak through the pins deviating away from the king pin after hitting it.
    With that said, you’ll probably never leave the 9 pin standing.

  4. Finally a recent Storm release I won’t be buying for league play. My wallet thanks you…enjoy sport shot bowlers !

    1. @Joe yea phase 3 gets down the lane enough where you can throw it at any point and time and then if you want somthing weaker like a hustle or a idol just the og idol or the iq nano pearl

    2. @Joe parallax would be a good idea but the invite ehhh myabe not so much the og axiom is great so is the iq tour solid that’s a great house ball

  5. I would love to see the phaze 4 wrapped in the spec solid I really love my crux prime and gravity evolve

  6. Did they intentionally make the ball have circular spots so that it looks like electrons orbiting a core of protons? If so, that’s genius.

  7. Threw this one late into a bowling demo yesterday. Was throwing from the 39th board through 4th arrow and the ball just would not miss. I’m in love.

    1. @NumbersNeverLie I am not a pro bowler by any means lmao but I do bowl a lot of tournaments……I don’t believe they re oil after every session…..especially once you get down to match play…..def not re oiled then

  8. So…I’ve been bowling for quite a while and owned a lot of balls but omg, this is by far the strongest hooking ball I have ever thrown. When it hits, it hits extremely hard and the pin carry is wild. It hits like my ol’ SureLock but hooks a lot more. I think I may have drilled it a bit too aggressive because it has now forced me to move 10 boards over and requires more speed. Im pretty sure Im going to stock pile these and store them away lol. Thanks Storm team for engineering this beast!!!

    I used the Vector Layout System and trusted it. The results were exactly what it described. I highly recommend using that as as guide to what you want the ball to do.

  9. Probably good for 2 games then it goes back in the bag. Looks great for those 2 games though. As any heavy oil ball would.

  10. I love my new proton it’s awesome. The pro shop warned me it might be too much ball ( hook into the gutter) but I bowled with it on league and it performed amazingly.

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