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Stroker. Tweener. Cranker. Lefty. Righty. Male. Female. Pro. Amateur. 1 hand. 2 hands. Young. (Not so) young. This one has it all!

All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

Find out more about the Summit here:

Coverstock: TX-23™ Hybrid Reactive
Core: Centripetal™ HD – A.I.
Finish: 3000-grit Abralon®
Color: Blue/Gold/Silver
Fragrance: Snickerdoodle

✔️0:00 Lennie
✔️0:38 Alex
✔️1:16 Matt
✔️1:47 Ken
✔️2:15 Joe
✔️2:42 Dylan
✔️3:21 Chayton
✔️3:51 Steve
✔️4:28 Marcia
✔️5:03 Chad
✔️5:47 Gio
✔️6:20 Hank
✔️6:48 Harry
✔️7:27 Kendle - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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32 Comments on “Storm | Summit 14 Ways”

  1. Can’t wait till June 23rd! Just picked up the 900 global- eternity a couple weeks ago and I’m looking for a strong symmetrical ball and the videos of this ball look very promising!

  2. I have a hard time believing the displayed numbers for RPMs and speed for several bowlers…

    1. It’s probably numbers from their specto. So who knows how’s accurate they are. It’s like when you’re at the alley, the mph there might not be what it actually is, but it’s a reference point.

    2. most are within about 20 rpm which is small enough to simply be shot to shot variance. the notable ones are:
      dylan – not 515. actually somewhere between 425 and 450. takes a little over 4 frames for one full rotation. 30/4*60 = 450.
      chayton – he can actually hit 600, he did on his second shot at least. it’s almost exactly 3 frames for one full rotation. 30/3*60 = 600.
      marcia – not even remotely close to 350. roughly 225. about 8 frames for one full rotation. 30/8*60 = 225.
      chad – not 480. averaged almost exactly 4 frames across all of his shots, same as dylan. 30/4*60 = 450.

    3. ​@odellus Storm measures RPM as an average over the full lane of the length, not a single rotation of the ball. Since rev rate increases as it approaches the pins, this is probably the discrepancy.

    4. @Kenny Grinols gotcha. everyone can have belmo’s rev rate if they stand on top of the dry. what a useful number.

  3. This is the 1st ball I have ever ordered based on looks alone. I hope mine has a sweet looking pour.

  4. This is the ball I’m looking forward to. I love my Nova, and I want a ball that works similar to it, and I think I found a good complement in the Summit.

  5. I think it’s great when they show such a wide variety of styles & how a ball can work for each one.

  6. Love the “14 Ways” Adding even more styles and getting more employees involved is refreshing to see. If I was a SPI Employee and got asked to be involved, it would be such a special moment and one that you’d never forget! By the way, Chad’s pour was just sick!

    1. i bet all these 14 employees are bowling on their own fresh pattern though, like how applicable is it to our local burnt up / cliffed alley

    2. ​@cyan0xide They aren’t, at least not all of them. One of the reviewers mentioned how far left he had to start because of following one of the others, but the ball was still coming around the corner.

    3. Well this ball isn’t for a house shot, it’s a step down from something like a reality, gem, DNA, supernova and a step up from a nova, night road, or IQTS. It’s too much for a house shot but good for a mid to late game 2 or early game 3 on sport once the big stuff gets too big

  7. As I am watching this, I notice that not a single one of the 14 Ways bowlers used a pin down layout. I wonder why.

    1. Because it usually provides the highest core orientation benefits going through the pins.

  8. I made a commitment not to get any more balls. However, the summit looks tempting with that weight block on the inside.

    Update, I’ve purchased 2 of them. (07/16/2023).

  9. Lennie! I’m from Racine, WI! Nice to see people from my hometown! The next time I’m back in town I’ll come check out your shop!

  10. at 60 id love to be able to lay it into the lane the way Alex does , just rolls it so smooth, i’m a globetrotter with double dribble…lol, when is this ball available?

  11. You all at Storm REALLY get it!!! Not just in stepping up research and development and products to market…14 ways!!! Letting us see ourselves in who provides the demos!!! Priceless!!! Excellent job!!!

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