Storm | SureLock Ball Reaction - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Steve Kloempken and Dan Higgins team up to test out the all new Sure Lock. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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21 Comments on “Storm | SureLock Ball Reaction”

  1. ugh I’m recovering from surgery Dr says no bowling for 8 weeks !!! help me!!!! I’m buying that ball when I get outta here !!

    1. it would be in-between both. Lock will turn earlier with less back end, the snap lock will go longer and have more back end, this ball will hook more towards the midlane

    2. Kwu Northstar yeah what the other guy said. This ball has a solid reactive coverstock meaning more traction mid lane and a slightly earlier hook than you see with the snap lock. Perfect for fresh heavy oil.

  2. man i want this. just dont think i have an opening for it. currently have lock, snap lock, phaze2 and a critical.

  3. I see this ball review at japanese bowling ball reviews but I don’t remember the website but what i can say about this ball is Monster

    1. that would be a great combination to buy, like if they sold them in a pair, sure lock and watson.

  4. One of my favorite balls from Storm, the colors work so well together and I’m sure the reaction is respectable

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