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Team Tang was at HQ and they put their own twist on to the classic game of HORSE. Check out the madness - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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32 Comments on “Storm | Tang Brothers GAME OF BOWL”

  1. I love this. Please make this a regular event (maybe even a bracket-style tournament) and have your other staffers compete against each other.

  2. I wish storm would just randomly send me a 16lb. Drive. I love storm and only bowl with storm. Fight, street fight, tropical, and mix spare. I’m gonna add drive to bag anyway but runnin low on $. Also I just, well Christmas, got 6ball roller but the camo one I wanted is discontinued or something. I couldn’t find it so bring that back plz. Lol #wishfullthinking

  3. two-tang clan showing that apart from being able to bowl with the best, they can goof with the best, too! even though they guttered, doing ‘the osku’ one-handed is still pretty crazy as well!

  4. I love that Storm doesn’t take everything so seriously that y’all can’t have fun with stuff like this. Well played, gentlemen.

  5. Man I find it very interesting that Darren made the elias cup league draft and got drafted and Michael didn’t Michael is a very good bowler and he almost defeated the best bowler in the world

  6. Hey, Storm Bowling! This is a bit unrelated to this video, but I’d like to ask you something: What do you think about my friend’s all-Storm arsenal? He has a Phaze, Phaze II, Lock, Sure Lock, Timeless, Code Platinum, and Street Fight. He recently bought an Ice Storm, too.

  7. Haha that was actually mad funny. I think it one was that good though because it was a sibling rivalry!

  8. can someone tell me what the strings above the lane are used for? These guys managed to bump into it a time or two

  9. Nice strike off the wrong foot
    Has a wrong foot bowler I approve

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