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The time is Now. Storm and Jason Belmonte have been collaborating together for the better part of 2016 to bring you Timeless. This Is a statement piece. Learn more at - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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30 Comments on “Storm | Timeless Ball Reaction”

  1. looks like a great ball. i love Belmo, but i really love storm products. I am good friends with Joe Scarborough and i get the hand me downs from him and i love storm. As a highschool bowler, I just bowled a 297 with the crux pearl and i love the reaction to that. Keep up the great work Storm and also to Jason

  2. Of course… i waited a while before getting the Code Black to see when this ball would be released/what it looks like/etc. Well, after a few weeks of waiting i went with going ahead to get CB. I knew i should have waited :/

    1. Why not get both? Code black has a way stronger core. And since the Timeless has an R2S coverstock with partial solid, you could easily ball down to the Timeless and stay in the same position or at least close

    2. Ben Laser I’m getting this ball
      My dad I can get one if I win a title
      And I have a tournament this weekend

    3. spazvapes Because i dont have money now. But i will most likely be getting it for my birthday since it comes out 7 days before my birthday does

    4. I love my new Code Black. Haven’t bowled a game yet UNDER my current average. At least 10 pins over every game so far. Most around 20. Also bowled a 276 this last week on my league. I have no regrets getting the CB.

  3. Looks like the next ball to become a part in my arsenal. Keep up the good work! #StormNation #TeamRoto #2Hands

  4. Personally as a two-hander, I cannot wait to add this ball to my arsenal. And quite convenient that it comes out on Valentines Day, because I’m already in LOVE with this ball!

    1. Damion Smith ikr same the alpha crux for me is just terrible lol not enough revs for that ball but for sure this timeless will be a lot better

  5. cant wait to see what norm duke signature will be. probably a dull super solid asymmetrical core that is so powerful over alpha crux and no rules. definitely a buy ! probably name it pharaoh because it reminds me of “duuuuukkkeeee”

  6. I will buy 3 Timeless bowling balls. One to use at bowling league. Other ball to put in glass box with two Jason Belmonte jerseys (Don’t give a damn with no signature but I am huge huge fan of Jason Belmonte since I started bowling age 32) third ball is for my wife as her gift to beat Cancer. Cannot wait!!!

  7. i love how i just came into bowling a couple of months and moved into a two handed style now looking for a new ball my first ball to add to my new arsenal and look what has arrived thanks for the good timing storm 🙂 just preordered this ball from my local pro shop

    1. robbie Calalay if you’ve only been bowling a couple months I can’t say I’d recommend this ball, considering its angular snap and aggressiveness it may he hard for a new bowler to control.

    2. Some people learn at different rates. On top of that, the two handed style would benefit greatly from a strong hook ball.

    3. When I was young I used to both 200 score bowling games but it seem like I never found a ball that I could never buy that I could buy that would never get the job done so I went in the hammer and now this ball that I found in storm Timeless I can’t wait to get my bond put it on the line because I got a feeling that I will come right into my 200 games or maybe a perfect game of 300 and I’m I’m very amazed with Timeless and I can’t wait to throw my first shot when I get going get my ball from around the bowling lanes so for all of you or says they love their Timeless but I have a blast with my mom when I get mine in the mine thank you for the support

  8. BB Companies keep making this high powered balls while bowling alleys keep putting down lower volumes of oil.  Something has go to give.  I would LOVE to have this ball.  But I ask myself, “Can I throw it anywhere”?  The IQ Pearl is one of the greatest of all time, in my opinion. It matches up an a wide variety of conditions.  Good luck finding one now though.

  9. Basically a stronger version of the Hy-Road. Can see this ball being in a lot of bags this spring and summer.

  10. im getting mine tomarrow after league! im so hyped bruh imma get rid of my alpha crux it just doesnt seem to work no more so now imma switch to timeless not to mention im a 2 hander so it would be lit owning a belmo ball haha

  11. Right now I have the Storm IQ Tour Fusion and it’s 3 years old. I heard good reviews about the Storm Timeless. What are the differences?

  12. It’s a shame we never see Belmo use this ball. I think I’ve seen him throw it two games at the most. Personally it’s my favorite ball to use, but it’s a bit more of a niche-filler most of the time. I guess Belmo felt the same way after a short while, but it’d be great to see this thrown more often on tour.

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