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Randy's back with this great tip on how to play house oil conditions! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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14 Comments on “Storm Tips – How To Play a House Condition”

  1. The more advanced oil patterns you will have to learn about if you try to go pro or enter tornaments.

  2. sometimes i will compare them to a house shot; for instance i am bowling in a tournament wednesday where the oil is 41ft (kegel-turnpike) and looks similar to a house shot where its more heavier volume on the inside part of the lane and much less oil on the outside.

  3. Tie your eyes and bowl you will see every bowler get +260 averages and lots of 300 games and 800 series every night

  4. Lanes surfaces have a lot to do with it as well. I bowl in a house that is still wood, and I bowl late. By the end of the second game, I have to throw plastic.

    1. @TCH He had to undergo a lateral-release knee surgery in the late 1990s which gave him some physical limitations.

    1. Probably because it is a video from 2013 and def not thrown into the algorithm with the likes of Inside Bowling and BRAD AND KYLE haha so def not advertised much and slightly specific!

  5. Thank you, Mr. Petersen.

    But, i have a question.
    The house oil i find is like, less slippery and tight. I mean, i cannot hook the ball like from left to right a lot. (i am a right-hander. Cranker and Belmo style)

    When i roll the ball (house balls, i dont own any kind of Pro Ball) it just gets stuck on one direction and hook just right before it gonna hit the pins. And WITHOUT my purpose and control. I cannot control the hook time and place. It hooks WAAY LATE.
    Like, the pattern is magnetic and magnet lets it go like 2 seconds before hitting the pins…

    Does anyone else had this problem and how did they solved it? Thank you.

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