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25 Comments on “Storm Tips – How To Play Dry Lanes”

  1. He says use weaker equipment, yet I think I see a Lucid going through the pins at 0:50 πŸ˜›
    Other than that, great video for people learning about different conditions πŸ™‚

  2. I use my Polar Ice solid 2 handed for strikes on extreme dry conditions. Which happens more than often because my bowling ally is CHEAP! X-/

  3. These are good tips, but I facepalm myself for the people who can’t figure this stuff out on their own. If the lanes are dry and you can’t figure out that you need to use weaker equipment and throw the ball harder . . you’re not going to do well in life.

  4. Earlier today I was rolling on lanes that were So dry a desert is wetter.Β 

    I’m a Cranker…. it did not go well….

    1. lol, Me and my wife had a VERY BAD experience last week too. Had to use my plastic spare ball and even IT wanted to hook past the head pin.

    2. same i was pre bowling and it was real dry, a tournament came through and beat em up, all i have is my nuclear cell and it really sucked, but the thing is i do have a polisher, i could do that and try it out, but i did order a hyroad earlier today so that will be much better. my full planned arsenal will be nuclear cell, hyroad and the hustle rap. plus spare ball. if i had my setup today i 100% would of thrown the hustle rap. least aggressive and its a nice shiny pearl so it will get down later and react. but my point is the polishing is probably the only thing i can do if i dont have another ball.

  5. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out cricket tips book try Jaffacter Cricket Player Coach ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  6. Every week my league never oils. I’m throwing a tropical heat left of the last dot on the left(right handed) out to the 3 board at 18mph and it still hit brooklyn. Got any suggestions for that Randy!?!

  7. It’s a hambone, Randy!!! I need to see you at Lucky Strike Lanes in Palisades Mall, NY. I dare you to do a show on how to bowl these lanes. You got kids running up and down the lanes without slipping so that’s how dry my lanes are!!! I’ll try your advice today and use a nice polished ball. Got to try the Phase III on this place. Used UFO last night and got 126 high out of 8 games. …at $40.00 an hour with only about 4 games per hour. They’ve got it timed perfectly to suck all your money out just in time for you to think you had a good time.

  8. the thing id probably have to do next time for my situation is just maybe polish the agressive ball, i just had my nuclear cell on tournament beat up lanes and i didnt do good at all yes i can increase the ball speed but if i dont have another ball, the only thing for me to do is polish the ball and just do what i can, or just practice with my spare ball. but i am getting a step down ball for medium lane conditions in the hyroad, so maybe that would be better.

  9. This makes perfect sense. Last night the “well muscled” brute force bowlers were on top across all lanes at our local league. Towards the end I finally figured out I really had to pour the coals (even with my polished ball) to get any pin action at all or to keep the ball from breaking half way down the lane. Prime conditions for riding the gutter rail and hooking hard into the pocket. Week 2 after a 5 year hiatus and having a blast.

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