27 Comments on “Targeting 3 Different Zones on a Bowling Lane. How to Tweak Your Ball Reaction.”

  1. Thanks for that tip. I always look at the dots on the Foul Line so I learn that I need to look further away from the dots but not too far.

    1. @J Anderson don’t need to move a whole lot. Just work with it open bowling. Takes getting used to. It did for me.

    2. Typically on a house shot it won’t matter too much if you’re a board or two off at the arrows. If you’re on a sport shot though, whenever you move your eyes, you have to follow your trajectory. For example, if you’re looking at 15 at the arrows, you don’t want to move your eyes closer while still looking at 15. When you move your eyes closer it has to follow the trajectory of your shot. If you go 15 at the arrows to 10 at the breakpoint, standing on 25, just moving your eyes closer on that 15 board will result in you hitting somewhere around 10 at the arrows and 5 at the breakpoint. Hope that kinda helps I know it was a lot of jargon!

    3. Personally I want a ball to either hit an arrow or make a break point. I’m not pro on the breakpoint mind yet so generally I’m aiming for an arrow or a board and throwing fairly straight-right-side (speed dominant.)

      Neither is wrong. But you can also create a situation where both can be incorrect?

  2. This definitely works. Been working on this for a few months now. One league night I struggling bad hitting high on the head pin. One of my team mates said look further down lane. I looked a bit further, eyes on same board as previous shot, threw same line and BAM…flush pocket hit.

    1. @Denman Fite I was. But eyes were still not down far lane enough. Once I looked about a foot or two further, in the pocket. But I had to move back right to where I was. Where I was left looking further I came in super light. And I was either throwing the Zenith solid or the Knock Out. Forget which one.

  3. I have done this on spare pickups. I will move right of a center spare (say 1,2,3,5,6,8, MAYYYBE 9 generally) single pin left behind. Throw on the 10 board (reactive solid) and generally watch the ball do a perfect job of cleaning up. My normal strike-ball throw would be lining up closer to 25 and throwing across 12 or so on wood. It feels odd to think “my ball will over hook this” and yet I just need to clip a single pin.

    Of course a split follows different rules.

    Also as the lanes dry up I may watch that solid go left of 5 and do better on 7 but no where NEAR an 8,9,10. Feel the ball?

  4. Thank you….what is weight of your bowling ball?..and are you ever in NJ. for private lesson? Thank you.

    1. 15LBS. Shannon is really busy with her college team and competing on tour right now. Thanks for watching.

  5. Honestly this is something that I barely realized not too long ago. When I’m not looking in the right spot usually too too far out. I tend to miss left.

  6. I always look at the arrows for my first roll. For my spares I look at the pins. Unlike most people I try to throw a strait ball with thumb forward for the pickup ball so as to mow then pins down. Very good video

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