7 Comments on “The Best 3 Ball Arsenal for Bowling Tournaments? Hammer Envy Series Explained.”

  1. That pattern looks like the modified McFlabberwoozie as used in the 1974 Rumble in Reykjavik tournament. Good review Mike!

    1. They actually took the time machine to the future and saw this pattern build and created it with a squirt gun. Good catch!

  2. Awesome review brother.. just getting back into bowling. You actually pulled my 8 year old son in the booth in Kokomo last year and I’m a huge fan of yours. I have to go buy a ball today I was going to get the pearl IQ from storm.. but now I might go with that chrome hammer if he has it . Man I need to put this up or I’ll end up buying the whole shop

  3. Envy Tour pearl is a sleeper. The Envy Tour gets so much attention, the pearl is even better and more versatile

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