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  1. Thank you for this tip. I have both braces and I don’t know depending on the brace I use will change my ball reaction

    1. Learning how to change your hand motion and positions is a skill. With these wrist braces , the skill is eliminated because the device does it for you if you rely on it completely. Use it for what it’s meant for; training.

  2. I’ve always a though a wrist brace kept u from breaking your wrist back lol I was wrong. I bowl back up and am trying to learn the normal counter clockwise way so a brace might be what I need thanks Shannon!

    1. Well they do that too – wrist position is crucial to getting good RPM on the ball. She is just saying that varying shapes of wrist supports also help with other aspects of the game.

    1. @Jomomma Funny, just a few years ago pros would tell you that wearing one hurt your game as you couldn’t apply the correct levels of touch. I want to know who got butthurt over these all of a sudden?

    2. @Jeffery Daniels I have nearly every one on the market. I took it off tonight for league after the rule. I realized the wrist devices screwed me over the last couple of years. Not being able to cup my wrist was annoying.

    3. @TraumaER I wish I could do the same but years of wrist / tendon damage won’t allow me to hold the ball no matter how smooth I swing. As with most things in this age, their logic is full of holes. By their logic, interchangable soles, knee braces, elbow braces, grips, kt tape and a case could be made for thumb tape as well would need to go for giving assistance in making a shot.

    4. IMHO one of the reasons for the ban is to limit the number of PWBA bowlers trying to bowl in mens PBA tournaments.

    5. @Jeffery Daniels yeah I don’t know. But it was odd last night. All the younger bowlers that had anything on the wrist had suddenly nothing like myself. I did see a lot of older bowlers still have them. Hopefully USBC makes a statement saying they won’t ban them. I just can’t be using them anymore because I bowl in several scratch or sanctioned tournaments every year. End up showing up in tournaments and not know what to do without a brace lol.

  3. I use one bc I have CTS and without a sturdy wrist support, the pain would be pretty much excruciating and I wouldn’t be able to bowl. I really hope the USBC doesn’t follow the lead of the PBA! They’ve come up with some stupid rules, but that one takes the cake!

  4. Does the brace help with wrist pain or just help you with positioning of the wrist at follow-through?

    1. Wrist support that wraps around the wrist is for pain/wrist issues. Wrist braces as shown in the video fits like a cast and forces hand/wrist to stay in the correct position at release.

    2. They can help, or cause pain depending on how they are fitted and adjusted. A Bionic WB has multiple settings, for hand cup and angle of hand to rotation axis, the latter adjustment can cause injury if not done correctly. I use one for arthritis reasons, helps with supporting the weight of the ball in the hold position, and keeps my wrist from flopping around during the forward part of the swing to release, but I did push too much angle on the wrist and wound up straining my tendon on the outside (pinky side) of my wrist with it. On the flip side, while it helps to be consistent, it also reduced the ball speed by roughly 4 MPH and if I try to put more on the ball it winds up going right in the gutter. Some times it helps, some times it doesn’t.

    3. Wrist braces can be used for more support to help with an injury. They can also be used to help the wrist to stay in a more stable and stronger position rather than having the wrist bend back into a weaker position. Thanks for the question and thanks for watching our videos!!

    4. @InsideBowling no problem. Love the videos and shirts you guys make.

      I’m trying to get back into bowling…just battling this wrist injury. Brace or switch to lefty. Ha

  5. I too would enjoy hearing your comments on the PBA’s recent announcement to ban wrist braces for PBA players. Do you see a time in the future where the PWBA might do the same?

    1. I don’t see the PWBA alienating half its members with the same rule. Almost no one on the PBA uses these types of braces so it’s not really going to be a big deal for them.

  6. This is helpful! Do you think you could do a slightly longer video on the dial in the middle of the glove, and what it does in terms of axis rotation? TIA I love these videos!

  7. Would I need to have my ball re-drilled to fit to my span? I’ve tried one before but it felt like I was going to drop the ball. Would love to hear you suggestions on this. Thanks

    1. I did not need to have any balls redrilled. I did get a very adjustable brace so once I got it set up right it was fine.

  8. This is great I was looking hard for something good on these yesterday thanks for the video it helps.!!!

  9. Great advise but I would never use either. I use storm wrist wrap which does the same. Only around the wrist not some big well brace in nearly your forearm.

    1. It doesn’t do the same thing. The wrap gives wrist support only. These types of braces (casts) force wrist/hand to stay in position mechanically.

  10. Hi, been watching your videos, has helped me. I am 67 and have a 12 lb ball. Average about 145-150. My problem is my thumb hurts after bowling and I am getting a dark red line at the base of my thumb nail. I usually just put Blue Emu on my thumb and the discomfort eventually goes away. Would a wrist brace help, or maybe a thumb brace? It’s not a big problem, but don’t want to have long term damage.

    1. Hello. We suggest you go to your pro shop and see if there is something off with the pitches of your thumb hole. Also could be a span distance issue.

  11. Hello!!!i want to thank you for your different tutos. This season is so bad for me and i need to change something. Your video help me but i have a question. I got a wrist rev x and i put it with 10°. What angle you preconize?10° is maybe not enough….

    Thank you very much

    1. We’d suggest trying different setting and see what those different setting feel like and what they do to your ball roll and ball motion. What works well for one bowler may not work the same for you and your game so try to find what settings tend to work the best for you. Thanks for watching and thanks for the question!

  12. At 54 and only bowling for 3 years now and once a week a good friend and life long avid bowler recommended a brace last year. At first I was too stubborn to put it on due to what I read on line about people putting down anyone who wears one because of “the pros don’t do it” attitudes but now that I’m wearing it I’m having so much fun when bowling. I can repeat shots, stay competitive and just have fun. Thanks for this video!

    1. Thanks for the comments and thanks for watching our videos, we’re glad that the wrist brace is helping you to enjoy your time on the lanes more!!

  13. Love your videos !!! What does the cupping angle adjustment do to ball reaction and rev rates? Thank you keep up the great videos 😃

    1. For some, being in a cupped position can allow the fingers to be in a slightly lower and stronger position on the ball which may create a slightly stronger ball reaction.

  14. Thank you Shannon for the tip. This senior bowler never used a wrist brace until about eight years ago, when rheumatoid arthritis forced my hand (pun intended). I started out with the basic Robby’s model and have recently stepped up to the Robby’s Revs II. There are a lot of YouTubes out there calling these devices a gimmick or a crutch, but the pain in my wrist is so bad that I would have quit bowling altogether by now without them. Thanks again for the great explanation and encouragement!

  15. Came here just because that “catchers mitt” Shannon wears always blew my mind 😂😂😂. But clearly it definitely has its use, she’s still killing it

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