27 Comments on “The Importance of Your Non Bowling Hand. Pro Tip for Balance!”

  1. 100%. I’ve noticed that if I’m off or lazy with my balance arm, it throws off my entire game by a lot. It’s even harder to keep my wrist properly cupped on the swing. And it feels weird at first to hold it straight out, but it becomes natural. Give your puppers a pet from me.

  2. Aye good tip… I’ll put a weapon in my left hand so that way the person to my left KNOWs NOT to keep walking up on me during the shot! 🙂 lol

  3. I dont have a super high rev rate.. 360ish.. I need to keep my left arm engaged or I have more or a tendency to grab or pull the ball through my swing. It is actually one of the first things I look for if I find myself grabbing.

  4. I gave up on all the tips. While some have been useful, Arthritis prevents me from being able to perform these moves. I now casually walk up with a straight back and fling the SOB. The aiming, hand rotation, arm swing etc have all helped, and I can still use them, but anything from the waist down forgetaboutit. Last night in league play I bowled 20 over average. Even better, no hip pain, no more back pain than when I began.

    Oh to be young and fit again.

  5. Great tip, I used to always envision in my mind reaching out to touch the wall ( that’s not really there) with my non bowling hand . But I like this idea , one less thing to remember.

  6. Great tip, Shannon. I can’t believe how holding something in my left hand helped my balance. Thanks!!

  7. I used to just let my balance arm go wherever, Earl Anthony advise, but this tip was a huge help Shannon, thank you. At first holding the ball with something in your hand felt odd, but one gets used to it. Thx for sharing

  8. Love your videos with tips to bowl better! This has helped me, I used to have my arm out a little, now I think I am taking off to fly. And it feels good too!

  9. This is one of those deceptively simple things that has made a HUGE difference in my carry. I have a bad habit of letting my balance arm drop when I’m going into my swing, and that allows my bowling shoulder to pop forward as I’m releasing and I either pull the shot left or miss my mark. Having something in my hand made me aware of where my arm was, and after a few lines of one-step drills, I got it corrected and I’m hitting my mark like a champ! Great tip!

  10. Notice Rocia years ago pulls her balance arm back and down like in your “bad shot” example and now noticed girls like Daria also do it. I was looking for some info as to why we see some of these bowlers do that now, and is it something that’s being coached? I had my “hitch” coached out of my game a few years ago and it took months to do it. Ultimately I held a 3lbs dumbbell to do it like your video suggested, but I was just curious about what I’m seeing these days on tour at the highest level.

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