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  1. I tried to explain this to a PBA member and coach and he said that was old school 70’s bowling and not current. Glad to see you are teaching the right way to walk and push away. This PBA guy was right handed and held the ball at his collar bone. He would walk to the left by 8-10 boards that would allow the ball to get around his leg and then throw right. In watching him bowling several games. I noticed how he would string 4 or 5 strikes but then have 1, 2 or 3 opens and pocket misses. Consistency is the name of the game and when you are all over the place, it takes tons of practice to maintain that rhythm. Bowling is a natural state of game. That means that everything you do should be done naturally. From push away to walk to release and in a smooth action. Thanks for the video.

  2. I enjoy your videos!

    Why does the pushaway go toward the inside? I have been trying to have it swing out perpendicular to my shoulder line, hoping that the swing would move in a straight arc along my target line. I’m horribly inconsistent in my aiming right now and need to get the swing started better.

    1. You should have your swing to the inside to avoid wrapping your swing behind your body in the down swing. The ball can’t fall (and has a hard time accelerating) in a straight swing plane if it has to go around the body. This also puts your hand and wrist in a weaker position to release the ball as they will have a tendency to be on the side of the ball at the release point.

  3. “Never at your target?” I would respectfully disagree. If it isn’t at our target then it requires more interaction to change the momentum of the ball that’s pendulum period is not in line with your mark or breakpoint.

    1. Since the shoulders and hips should be facing the intended target and target line, having the pushaway in line with the shoulder would be pushing toward the target. Especially when playing steeper angles and standing further left of target (for a right handed bowler) pushing to the right toward the target can tend to cause more of a swing direction issue. Some bowlers will actually push more left when they want to create an even steeper angle to the right through the front part of the lane. Thanks for watching and thanks for your comment, we appreciate it!

    2. @L borate the technique is that your shoulders and hips should already be lined up at your target and breakpoint. Wanting to create and even steeper angle even norm duke teaches push toward the left at a equal angle and the point is your arm when coming back down will wind up coming more inside and toward your body to get that ball going toward the right.

    3. @L borate if you push inside your body it isn’t toward your target but rather your shoulders and hips are facing your target. Maybe they made a mistake and said it idk I’m just telling you from my own experience the bigger the angle the more I push the ball inside to accommodate it.

    1. Thanks for the question. Too often when the elbow never moves forward and the ball stays very close to the body, the swing can tend to have different and less momentum and the bowler may then tend to help the swing up into the backswing more with more of a pulling motion. A true hinge may work for some, but I don’t think it’s the most effective method for most bowlers. Thanks for watching and good luck on the lanes!

  4. Nice video your tips really help. I bowl at Fred Bordens place Stonhedge and know some of his coaches you guys say the same things great work guys and ladies. 🙂👍

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