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Bill O'Neill struck. It took a long time to figure it out.

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37 Comments on “The pro bowling strike no one saw #shorts”

  1. Football is a contrived game with tons of hard to measure rules leading to subjective calls. Bowling is an honest game with a few simple easy to measure rules leading to exactness. This strike by Mr. O’Neill is a good example of that.

    I have been watching every PBA match since 1979 and I believe the greatest moment I have witnessed in PBA history was when over 20 years ago the announcer, possibly Dave Lamont or Mike Jabukowski, said I think Parker Bohn might have fouled! Marshall Holman responded saying that is a serious accusation. After return from commercial, the video was shown, Mr. Bohn did foul, his spare was turned into an open, causing him to lose. The announcer became part of the match.

    Bowling is a game where the bowler with the highest correctly measured score must win. We don’t have some meeting after the fact to discuss how we can prevent an incorrect outcome. The integrity of our sport is always at stake and mistakes or bad calls won’t be tolerated, they will be corrected real-time!

    After the correction, announcer Marshall Holman said he could imagine how a younger Marshall Holman would have responded to that situation (obviously McEnroe style). Of course, Mr. Bohn took it like a man. Sorry about the length.

    1. So you’re saying that with bowling, there’s no judgement or opinions when it comes to rules or fouls?

      Because with sports like football, soccer or basketball, the fouls are based of opinion and a 100% correct call is impossible to make every time

    2. @Wyatt W Fouling is an interesting issue. I started bowling in leagues in 1979 and back then the foul lights were always on, so fouls were automatically detected. But a foul light that gives false positives is an extreme problem, the bowling equivalent of an incompetent football referee. So while all houses have automated scoring, most don’t want to deal with foul detection and leave it off. So in my leagues if a bowler obviously fouls we change the score to F. But if a bowler fouls by a fraction of an inch then nobody notices, including the bowler. There really is no advantage to going past the foul line, but we must continue to enforce fouling for tradition.

  2. I have never seen a messenger hit with such NON force and take out a pin that hard. Like wtf. It barely brushed against it

    1. Meanwhile I’ve had pins about hit a 45 degree angle and still be upright in the end. I swear physics doesn’t actually work in this game.

  3. I misinterpreted the title. I thought that pro bowling had had a labor dispute that I hadn’t heard about!

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