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  1. I agree this makes sense as you have to allow for the ball returns and gutters on both sides.

  2. Hello! I am impressed with the importance of address and finish personal. Thank you for the good video and I wish you good health and happiness

    1. She said it depends on where you start. For example if you are playing close to the gutter your tendency may be to move away from it – as she did. But as long as you consistently finish in the same spot you’re good. At least that’s how I interpreted it. This was a helpful tip – a reminder that I need pay more attention to details like this.

    2. @catchthecarp Naw that doesn’t really make sense. Because she also said “See how perfectly straight I went”…. I believe we’re NOT suppose to follow towards our target spot but instead walk straight ahead every time! As for the gutter @ the beginning, I think she was saying “DON’T FALL IN THE RUT” of walking crooked when next to the gutter like some people do.
      “Try and stay straight”…

    3. We usually recommend a fairly straight walking pattern. Walking towards the target tends to create more issues so we don’t recommend that. Usually drifting is caused by improper alignment at the start.

    4. @InsideBowling Wow. I had no idea that I should not walk towards my target. I have always visualized my ball path and where that path crossed the arrows was my target–I then aligned my dominant eye to that target and walked towards that target. Perhaps that is why I generally drift 9 boards left (right handed) when playing the 3rd or 2nd arrow. In any event, I will take your suggestions and see how I drift at different starting positions. Great video. Always enjoy the tips!!

  3. As I have gotten older I have to watch walking farther right as I get left with my feet. I have to look at where I want to finish and visualize walking there.

    1. Make sure that when you have to start moving farther left that you’re moving your target as well as you feet. Usually it will be at a 2:1 or 3:2 ratio, feet and target. Just moving your feet too much can cause walking more to the right. Thanks for watch and for your comments!

  4. 2 months ago, my university organised an internal tournament to select suitable staffs and students as candidates for a bigger coming tournament against other nearby universities. Those who got top ten marks for each category during the internal tournament was selected. I was one of those who were selected. I have been playing bowling casually without a proper class since 1999. I start to own a cheap entry level Columbia 300 WD 10 lb plastic ball since 2007. Then, I bought a cheap upper-entry level Columbia 300 Jazz 10 lb in 2011. I approached a few coaches at the bowling alley nearby my area after I was selected for the tournament, but none of them dared to take me as their students. They said my tournament against the other universities is around the corner (the middle of next month) and it will take quite some time to unlearn all the bad habits that I developed while playing casually without a proper training since 1999, then learn the proper technique from zero. Those coaches told me to enroll in their class once my tournament against the other universities is over. I end up watching bowling videos on YouTube (including from your channel) to learn something as a temporary solution before able to enroll in the bowling class at my area.

  5. Yes you are right,I don’t slide, I am a senior citizen,bad knees,as long as I don’t go flying over the foul line I am good, people say my form is bad , I have not fouled in three years,I started three years ago, Brilliant video as usual Shannon,summer league starts next week, I be going to my first tournament in August, when does the pwba start up again? Thanks again and be safe.

  6. I agree that its important to know your walking pattern and for it to be consistent. But what are tips to help improve one’s walking patterns if they tend to be inconsistent?

    1. Thanks for the question. Making sure that you are properly aligned to the target and projection that you’re trying to hit can help. Also taking video from the back can help to see and identify if there’s a particular step that tends to cause inconsistencies.

    1. Not sure I understand the question. Unless it’s intentional do to some sort of physical issue, throwing off of the wrong foot is most often caused by being very early in timing.

    2. I bowled off the wrong foot for decades. Carried a 200 average when I hit men’s league. Go back and watch YouTube videos of Lou Campi to see how I used to bowl.

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