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  1. Great info guys. I was wondering if you all could do a video on over/under co dictionary and what the best ways to combat that are. Any help is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work

    1. Most female players tend to push away a little later than usual. It helps give them a little more leverage at the line which helps them with their release.

  2. These are good tips I should use them when I do special Olympics bowling the set up,the swing,and the finished position

  3. Really a great player Shannon is! I wish if I could take some lessons from you guys…beautiful explanation.

    1. You can learn from Shannon, Coach Shady, and all of our coaches at Backstage Bowling! Head over to BackstageBowling.com and use code:SAVE20 to save $20 on an annual membership!

    1. We are so happy to have Shannon sharing knowledge on this channel. Thanks Connor for watching!

  4. Every time I go bowling 🎳 I imagine I’m Shannon and I get a strike!!! I try and copy her to the best of my ability!!! Love her to pieces!! I would love to know her and her hubbies love story!! I think they’re an adorable couple!! Love from Idaho πŸžοΈπŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ•πŸΎπŸŽ³

  5. Watching these hoping to get better, I now know what I was doing wrong (which was pretty much everything) so this Monday I’ll go test what I learned here

  6. Just came upon this video, let me start by saying Shannon is a fantastic competitor and has pure talent. I had the opportunity to watch her in person last year and noticed something that I watch for in my clients, if her elbow sets behind her body she will have and early turn and leave a 10 pin. I tried to tell her “coaches” ball reps but I am not known to anyone out there, so if you see her work with her on that I think is will kick out a few 10 pins and make her win more.

  7. I want everyone to notice how stable and still Shannon is when she stands at the finish position at the foul line. She’s not shaking trying to hold that position even though it’s unnatural to hold it that long. She obviously never skips leg day!

    1. Brilliant!!! All three are on point again,the vocabulary is straight and precise, thanks again guys.

  8. I just became a subscriber. I really enjoy bowling with my wife. I’m using your tips to get better.

    1. Thanks for watching our videos and thanks for subscribing, we really appreciate it!! We hope our tips are helpful and good luck on the lanes to you and your wife!!

    1. If you’re not used to being in balance, you may want to do some foul line drills. Sometimes it’s easier to teach your body something new through a drill rather than full approach. Many times something happening during the approach can actually cause the imbalance at the line. Timing issues and using too much upper body muscle pulling the ball through the finish are two of the main things that can cause more imbalance through the finish.

  9. I love to watch Shannon bowl the video helps me with my bowling 🎳 I try to copy her style .She’s fantastic

    1. Thanks for watching and for the question. Most of Shannon’s coaching is with McKendree University and so doesn’t do many private lessons. She is one of the Coaches providing tips and advice in the Backstage Bowling group so that would be a way to get some help from her. You can find more info at Backstagebowling.com

  10. I listened to this video yesterday afternoon and took notes. I went bowling last night and practiced what I learned. My average prior was about 120. My high last night was a 196. I intend to listen to all of these videos over and over. Thank you.

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