22 Comments on “Throw More Clutch Strikes. 1 Simple Bowling Tip the Pros Use.”

  1. Thank you Shannon for tip Tuesday’s I’m in northern ca where we have been closed. But with your videos and others I’m mentally ready to tear it up

  2. I love you. This is my first year bowling. I’m 21 and never had any passion for bowling before, now I look forward to bowling more than anything! Thank you

  3. #TeamShannon Love me some Hawaiian pizza!
    I also, when I get to bowl, utilize a long slow breath before stepping on the approach. If I forget, I’ll miss my target, overspeed the ball, or some other silly mistake.
    Long Live Coach Shannon! 🙂

  4. Great tip. And you included my three favorite things, Pizza, bowling and breathing. A true master bowling coach.
    And when given the chance, I will only eat Pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza. Yea!

  5. Fargo’s Pizza in Colorado offers a golden nugget pizza, chunks of pineapple and Canadian bacon. Our friend Liz took us there the first time I went to the springs with my wife. Liz’s husband Rand refused to go with since most of the appeal was the setting not the food.

  6. I followed along with the pizza example when she said you forgot about the pizza I was truly impressed because yes I had forgotten all about it.

  7. Yes you have a good point there I have three children with my wife and all three we practice that the Leche method where you take deep breath’s when you’re Giving birth and you take an ice cube and put it in your mouth and that’s exactly what we did and all three kids were born naturally and they came out beautiful the oldest one is 42 years old now God bless you guys and thanks for the tips I never thought about that with bowling but I’m sure it’ll work because I use it for other things when I get a little bit fatigued I take those deep breath’s and everything is good🤕🤕…a..a..as

  8. And now my kids are 42 41 and 32 healthy and beautiful kids And four grandchildren and here’s a tip for you I’m 71 and I don’t always bowl in the 200s 250 or so but your help and tips help me so here’s a tip for you like I said 83 veggies and three fruits every day and you’ll be a happy camper

  9. Great tip Shannon. I sometimes rush my spares in league because others are waiting on me. Lol

  10. I like it when I get or big shot I will do shooting better scores now at 67 than I was young thanks for tips

  11. I hope you did this in us open maybe a little inside I feel for you but your still a great bowler!!! Get em next time.

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