21 Comments on “Throw More Strikes by Lofting. Simple Bowling Tip for Higher Scores.”

  1. This is just a good tip in general, because beginners like me will often mess up the release and let the ball fall off the hand a little too soon.

  2. Good tip. A mistake on the videos used though. On the 2 videos side by side, it is clear that in the NON loft shot the ball was more angular. at the breakpoint. Probably because the loft was so small that other factors were more important on the ball motion. Since it is an edited video, it’s a good thing to get the shots correctly and with a bit of an exaggerated difference between them, so the amateur/beginner can visually see it correctly.

    1. @B5 Brody hmmm…since you are being impolite, let me answer apropriately… : “i bet you accept everything as it is, without processing anything, and don’t wish to make it better or fix it if it’s wrong.”. 😉

    2. Stone 9 is pretty much always indicative of the ball being too continuous and driving too hard. Agreed.

  3. Do you have a video on the arrows and dots I’d like to know more about great video on Lofton I will have to practice

  4. Awesome tip! Question, what type of wrist guard do you have, and does it help with stability? Sometimes I feel like I’m dropping the ball and my wrist hurts…😕

  5. Had to loft the ball last night so it wouldn’t read the lanes so soon. Ended up shooting 720 🤘🎳

  6. Hey I was just wondering but is a ball speed of 18km/h ok for two handed bowling and if there was any other way to increase ball speed other than footwork as I’ve been trying for a lot and just couldn’t get that extra slide to increase my speed so anything would be really appreciated.

  7. Only problem with this video is “Your loft” is no where near what us “Amature Lofts” are like!
    Our perfect release is most cases is still further down the lane than your loft… When we loft we are “well passed the dots”….
    But I understand the point your trying to get across!
    Thank you again!

    1. Shannon has always struggled with loft. For her, this is a lot of loft. Her wrists just can’t do it and also it can create awful habits for her. She sticks to what works for her and what has made here back to back reigning PWBA player of the year.

  8. Thank you I love that you are doing these videos, as an older bowler I’ve found all the things I’ve been doing wrong for so many years, thank you again

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