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  1. Tthank you!!! Tried this out from your versatility video and the key for me is to push my pointer finger out and keep the rest tight, bowled three 200+ games 210,214,237.

  2. The release has been the hardest thing for me to accomplish. I just got a new wrist brace called the Mongoose Optimum. My wrist is a little sore from using it on Sunday night, but it was helping me release the ball properly by getting my thumb out and letting my fingers lift through. Interesting how when you finally do something right, everything else seems to go out the window, at least for me. I never thought about tucking in the pinky. Thanks for the helpful tips, Shannon. Gonna keep working on being a little more consistent. My game is still all over the place.

    1. ive always bowled with my pinky tucked, if i bowl it any other way im never consistent with my release or line, it just always felt right to me. I will warn you tho, you will tear the skin off the knuckle above your fingernail doing this until you build up a callus on it. So you should try it a few times and really think to yourself if it feels right or not for you if you dont wanna go through that. To me its very worth going through it, but everyone throws the ball different and you might not need that extra hook and feel for your shot.

  3. Tucking the pinky is VERY awkward at first but now after getting use to it, I love the motion of my ball. Also helps me to stay inside on the swing and come around it when I roll (not throw) my ball downlane.

  4. Thanks for a to the point video, that I can put into use immediately for some options. I’m averaging 195 and recently bowled my first 300. As everyone does, as well as the pros I still struggle at times. I have to figure it out, every time I bowl. Again, thanks very much. I subscribed, and am looking forward to some more tips. Also, you are doing a great job coaching our future pros.

    1. Welcome to the club. I improved my average from 180 at the beginning of the season to 201 before taking a break. Sometimes it’s good to step away for a bit and study/retool. The higher the average, the more difficult it is to improve. Once you hit 200 start trying different oil patterns if you’re a glutton for punishment.

  5. Be very careful when tucking your pinkie in between your palm and the bowling ball. If you do not release the ball properly you can rip your ring finger tendons right out of the palm of your hand. Please be careful with that recommendation. Go with the no step foul line release and work your way into it. If you feel any strain or pain whatsoever stop immediately.

    1. YES. I was looking for this comment. Finally someone who knows. You are absolutely right, tucking the pinkie can injure your tendons.

  6. Great info! Maybe the next one should be more in-depth on why you would want to use any of those three. I went to pinky tucked early on because I did not understand Axis Tilt and Rotation very well and wanted more hook. Tucking it made me become even more of a β€œspin biscuit” (RIP MO) than I already was so when I saw a harder shot, aka longer, flatter patterns I was humbled. I did not know any better back then. Will work on a very spread pinky as it is spread out but not to the max in order to get more behind it.

  7. Thanks for this, something im working on, especially with the tucked pinky, my question is so when should you use these, ex; when lanes break down or flat patterns or on a heavy oil pattern. thank you so much

    1. The pinky outward decreases your axis rotation (side roll) and allows you to play a straighter line, but it will cause the ball to hook and roll earlier. Moving your pinky inward or tucked increases side roll, which will cause the ball to hook and roll a little later, but will allow the ball to cover more boards. Of course, ball speed and axis tilt are also factors, since higher speed and higher tilt will also delay hook.

  8. Going to experiment with these different finger positions. Leaving allot of 10 pins, hoping one of these will help me carry more

  9. Any feedback on arcing your index finger? I seem to use it to help me get around more on the ball and generate more motion

  10. Really appreciate your play tips. Your descriptions make so much sense to me. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with everyone!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments! We’re glad these tips are helpful to you and we really appreciate you watching them!!

  11. My TIP: If you are going to Tuck the Pinky alot, you might wanna use Skin protection tape around pinky first knuckle. You will shred pinky skin rather quickly!

    Another TIP: You can remove some RPMs from your release if you move your “Pointer finger” close to your middle finger, and spread the pinky out as far!
    I like to do this release the first time I hit the pocket and leave a 10 pin. I throw 7-9 strikes in a row and throw the same shot and BAAMM 10 pin? WTF, no wayyy. All my teamates tell me “I wasnt behind the head pin, that was a sweet shot man!”

    Then I do above and next few shots I trip the 10 pin out. But only a matter of time until you need to make further adjustments to keep striking!

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