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Getting into the rhythm of the swing starts at the beginning with the pushaway. When off, repeatability of shots is next to impossible. Gold Coach Mike Dias identifies common issues bowler’s face when working with the pushaway.

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18 Comments on “Tips for a Better Pushaway”

    1. We’re extending arts and crafts time by four hours today! Lol
      In all seriousness that’s Mike Dias. He’s a BFD. One of only a handful of Gold Level coaches in the country.

  1. So am I supposed to push the ball in front of my right shoulder with a cross over step? My problem is the ball gets behind my back causing the last step in my approach to drift left about 5-10 boards in order to clear out of the way of the ball. All help is appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      Although the ball side leg is clearing out of the way initially the swing shape is still wrapping behind the back and that can be caused by several items. Here are a few possibilities:

      * Ball side shoulder is rotating open to the ball side, during the back swing

      * Core of the body is rotating open during the back swing

      * Thumb on the bowling hand is rotating down to the floor and/or in toward the bowler on the down swing (this is the down swing into the back swing)

      It can be difficult to diagnose a physical game issue without being able to review it on video to analyze what parts of the body are causing the ball to swing behind you. As you can see there are many things that could be causing this. A second set of eyes may be helpful in this situation.

      The “Find A Coach” feature of is one of the best ways to locate a certified coach in your area. Visit use the “Find a…” tab to locate Find A Coach, enter your zip code and a radius then click “search.” Also visiting a pro shop professional, one with coaching experience, can be a great start and having a certified coach can increase the chances of making the right adjustments.

      To locate a certified pro shop operator in your area, use the IBPSIA website and search by using your zip code. Here’s their web address

      Look for a USBC certified coach and IBPSIA Pro Shop professional in your area and work with them to increase your average.

      Thank you for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

    2. My simple solution for that is to tell yourself in your back swing to push away from your body and depending on the rev rate you have a good shoulder turn

    3. Andrew Austin Just make sure that your bowling shoulder is down, and your head is away from your body. The pushaway will be just a straight movement down into the downswing. Also, make sure that when you are doing a crossover step, to not let the body move you too much lateral left, which will take you out of your balance and rhythm at the foul line. Hope this helps!

      Coach D. Radford

  2. Quality of the videos have fallen off. I guess with all the folks that have left its no surprise. While Mike Dias is solid, the other guy does not inspire confidence.
    Bring back Rod, Bryan, Carolyn & co. PLEASE!

    1. The best tip I’ve been given is to change your balance hand position/movement to adjust your swing. It also takes the focus off of the ball allowing for a more natural and consistent release.

  3. She should go back to a four-step approach until she gets the push away down cuz seems to me she’s still holding on to it too much. It’s a lot easier to add an extra step if you already have 4 step down.

  4. It’s like a waggle in golf. Have to work on something in motion to eliminate muscling. Good stuff.

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