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Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross and Coach Fred Borden provide tips on bowling timing and express how important it is to practice timing. Learn how to describe your timing and how to determine exactly when your timing might be off. Find out how timings are different depending on the bowler. The different bowling styles each have their own timing of approach, swing and release. Use these helpful tips and techniques to better improve your bowling timing.

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29 Comments on “Tips on Bowling Timing | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. Looks to me like the backswing was just as high regardless of the ball position. The pushaway was the real diffrence

  2. I was watching other bowlers recently to get an idea on how to bowl properly but I realized everybody is different. Everybody has their own style. So once I found what was comfortable for me I started bowling a much better game.

  3. He moved his ball up and down in his set up…..but I find it interesting that they did not note how he moved his feet back and forth on the approach when he changed up the other things too. You can see it from the side view.

  4. Super terrific video! This coach Borden is an expert. I had to replay sections of the video repeatedly on each style to be able to grasp all of the detail of his explanation. Readjusting my timing has been my most major and critical task recently. It has produced surprisingly great results but lack of understanding what I am been doing has prevented me from locking in on the proper form. This video helped me to understand what actions produces which results and given me more confidence in my direction. Anxious to get back on the lanes to put this learning to use. Thanks coach! Hope you got more videos out here on You Tube. I be looking for them.

  5. What’s missing from this video is very crucial – his starting position. The faster he wants to throw it, the further back on the approach is his starting position. That is key aside from the ball placement in his starting stance. Good vid nonetheless.

  6. Howdie USBC; my name is Steven Whitehouse. I am a disabled athlete. And started this past Monday I began practicing bowling with the Manchester Alley Cats of Manchester, NH at Spare Time in Manchester, NH. I will be watching these videos to improve everything about the way I bowl. In my first ever practice game with the Team. I scored a 163 (in 2 games). 93 for game 1, that i includes 2 spares. In game 2 my score was lower It was 70 with 1 strike. for a total of 163 (2 games). I will be practicing with the Manchester Alley Cats for the next (8 Mondays). The tournament is Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 1pm also at Spare Time in Manchester, NH. So I want to say thank you for these teaching videos. As I said, I will be watching them everyday so that I can improve my game.

  7. I dont bowl 1 handed i bowl 2 handed like jason belmonte this helped me a lot i used to hold it higher i didnt do as good as when i started holding it lower i have been doing better

  8. My timing is something I’ve had to work on a lot. I would always get up to the line and the ball would still have a ways to go before release, so this is helpful to have. I’m getting way more serious about form and timing and stepped it up with a better ball. I ended up getting a really good app someone recommended to me so when I go bowling with my partner he can catch in slow mo how my form is. Practice makes perfect!

  9. Just to be clear Marshall Kent has one of the highest rev rates in the PBA almost the same as belmo (600) and a striker has like a 200
    Or 300

  10. Just decided to buy my own ball and shoes and get a bit more serious. This is the best video I’ve found so far and I think it’s great how motivating this coach is!

    1. just remember to keep working and revolve your equipment around your game not revolve your game around your equipment

  11. Yep.. excellent info. I started bowing this week. but I figured I need some training. I love going to bowl. It’s so much fun for me but I seem to hit and miss on the strike thing.

  12. I’m not very good with ball comparisons but I do have a question or anyone that is good with this. I have a Motive Talon and I’m really looking to get something with more backend. I have more of a tweener style so I know I wouldn’t get as much hook as a cranked/two-handed.
    My question is what are some of the best balls out there for high backend hook?

    1. I have a Motiv Rouge Blade. It has a very strong hook on the backend of the lane. I recommend it especially if you have a sort of tweener style. I’m a young two handler that is transitioning to a one handed tweener style as well. I definitely don’t use that ball for two handed though… it goes dead straight, hooks a bit then reacts extremely aggressively as soon as it leaves the oil… this is why I’m not using two hands anymore.😂

    2. Hello and thanks for the question.

      Changing the surface of your bowling ball can get you the desired result with out purchasing a new ball. <>

      Comparing weaker and stronger bowling balls and knowing the differences is key to understanding what you need in your bag. Check out this video from our coaches to learn the difference. <>

      Thanks for watching!

  13. Low ball has less potential energy, so in order to have it swung higher, you need to pull it hard thru the bottom of the swing arc.

    What would happen, had you low ball and slow feet? Let me tell you. It wouldn’t swing and rise any higher than the initial push in the beginning, if you didn’t pull it hard.

    Far easier just to let the ball momentum work in favor for your high back swing. Back swing as high as the initial height at the start and let it swing freely.

    1. Watching tons of videos where people are saying to relax and let gravity move the ball then have huge back swings and low push aways.
      In this video they talk about slowing down the ball speed and having a high back swing. That has to be done pulling the ball back. Coached are either skipping a piece of their coaching explanation, aren’t being truthful, or have found a method to deny laws of physics

    2. @Sven , I think quite a number of coaches in many sports has only the sports spesific jargon to rely on and their own experience. Being a top athlete doesn’t spell understanding all the physical basics, why things happen, but echoing the phrases being said and in relation to their own execution.

  14. Love this video I was self taught bowler this helped me I was a 147 average bowler now I’m a 216 average bowler. It is about being patient and practice learn it and breath it take it one frame at a time

  15. I’m confused because coaches usually teach letting the ball swing the arm (pendulum feel) to get a smoother swing, which is a great tip. I would think that holding your ball higher in the pushaway would cause a longer higher backswing and and a lower start position to shorten it. It seems to work that way for me when I raise or lower the balls starting position. 🤔

  16. I found this video very helpful because it was just giving a simple technique and breakdown of how to hook a bowling ball so I try using the football and putting my hand under the ball to make it spin and I was throwing it into the couch and sure enough when I went to the bowling lane to try to hook the bowling ball that technique work for me. Thank you very much. #PEACE✌🏾

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