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All shots performed on a 43' house pattern.

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Coverstock: eTrax™ PLUS Hybrid Reactive
Core: Torpex™ Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss™
Color: Glow Orange / Copper / Plum

✔️0:15 Jordan
✔️0:43 Steve
✔️1:17 Ken
✔️1:50 Chad
✔️2:21 Anthony - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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7 Comments on “TNT Infused 5 Styles”

  1. No matter how high tech these new bowling balls are, its the bowler! For example, many years ago in Hilo, Hi., there was a state wide tournament, my co team mate wasn’t happy with his own balls, grabs a house ball then bowls a 270+ & 260+ back to back had 700+ 3 game seried! The point is, its always the bowler not the ball! Aloha

    1. Many years ago that’s true, but now the technology in the balls makes it much easier, just look how many 300s are bowled by league players compared to say 25 years ago

    2. ​@paul kimbleThat’s more due to the house shots being put out these days. There is a funnel to the pocket.

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