TNT Infused The Why With PWBA POY Jordan Richard | Roto Grip - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Jordan Richard, PWBA Player of the Year breaks down the TNT Infused. She tells us when she plans to use it on the PWBA Tour and when you can use it on league night! She also explains where she sees this ball fitting in her bag.

Find out more about the TNT Infused here:

Coverstock: eTraxâ„¢ PLUS Hybrid Reactive
Core: Torpexâ„¢ Core
Finish: Reacta Glossâ„¢
Color: Glow Orange / Copper / Plum - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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2 Comments on “TNT Infused The Why With PWBA POY Jordan Richard | Roto Grip”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball roto grip TNT infused bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  2. Here’s a question never asked on these Storm videos …. on the Storm test lanes …. what is the oil pattern put down ??? Yes, the people testing the balls are good bowlers (and even GREAT) but EVERY and I mean EVERY ball tested ALWAYS looks good …. AND I can tell you whatever this pattern is …. sure ISN’T the one put down on my Monday and Friday leagues … you get the ball out there near the gutter in my leagues …. it NEVER comes back …… NO MATTER what angle is being played …. down and in ( which is hardly ever done in these videos) or swinging it ( like is done in most of these Storm videos ) NOT making a negative comment here …. just curious as to the pattern being put down on these lanes ( and wishing we had this pattern in our leagues !!! )

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