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In order to play each lane properly, you’ll have to adjust the way you throw the ball, whether you opt for one- or two-handed bowling.

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31 Comments on “Two Handed Bowling: Adjusting for Oil Pattern Length”

    1. Do you even know who this is? Its Anthony Simonsen at the beginning of his PBA career he explained it well to me its self explainatory stuff… And yea he might have been a little nervous don’t you think you would have been if trying to start a career and being on the National Bowling Academy YouTube channel?

  1. I have to admit this is difficult to understand. I would think on a long pattern with much oil in the middle, the bowler would move their line further out closer to drier boards to increase angle of attack at the back end since the ball has tendency of going straighter.

    1. I also wondered that, could it be that they want to keep the ball strong till the end? He also mentions something about having less bad breaks if he were to have any errors.

    2. On the Kegel sport shots such as Paris, Eiffel Tower, liberty your going to have throw the ball in the middle more. But if you throw the ball on the outside of those oil patterns the more early the ball is going to react. Now the PBA shot such as the badger just throw the ball straight down the lane in the middle.

  2. I know the cover stock of the ball plays an important part on pattern lengths, but please tell me how important is the pin position on the ball, drilled to make the ball break early or late. Thanks.

    1. You’re right, the coverstock is the most influential factor in overall ball motion, in fact the USBC Ball Motion Study concluded that the first four categories of influence are surface related:27% – SR-Ra (height of the peaks of the material)17% – On-Lane coefficient of friction10% – SR-RS (Distance between the peaks of the material)9% – Dry lane coefficient of friction(For more information on the study follow this link: ( next contributing factor relates to the core’s radius of gyration (RG) and it’s 5%, followed by oil absorption 4% then more core with “differential” 4%. With a bit of math from the study the overall effect on ball motion, as it relates to the core, is somewhere around 13%.Placing the pin position on the bowler’s positive axis point decreases the flare potential (overall hook) and placing it away from the bowler’s positive axis point (PAP) increases overall hook potential. The pins position is very important when determining “when” and “how much” of the hook potential to use.We recommend contacting an IBPSIA pro shop professional or a USBC certified coach for specific details regarding your individual circumstances.IBPSIA – Coaching – for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

  3. he makes it look easy but I know what he’s saying is right I’ve been to Las Vegas and when they put a lot of oil in the middle of the lane and it’s 41 ft and all of a sudden you think you’re going into the pocket and then the next thing you know your ball is in the gutter good luck

  4. It would be really nice if… you could get someone who is more…. qualified… Us two handers reaaally need some guidelines clarified by a legit organization like usbc.
    I am sure there are members high up in usbc that are against the style becoming more prevalent, but its pretty obvious if we look into history, how preventing change has killed off cultures, or even entire civilizations.

  5. When I started Bowling I used the two-handed shovel style and I switched to the One-handed style and I struggled with the one-handed style and I am decided to go back to the two-handed shovel bowling style.

  6. I think this video and advice is going to help me out tremendously. Ever since I transitioned recently into a 2H bowler from a life long standard bowler
    I’ve had incredible trouble with over hooking my arsenal and leaving way to many splits! When I’m not leaving 3 or 4 splits (sometimes more per game)
    I’m bowling 220+ average. However on the nights I’m leaving those splits my scores are way WAY down into the 150-170 range at best.

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