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  1. I’ve been bowling 1 handed for years, but I’ve been curious about trying two handed bowling, even though I haven’t seen many girls do it. I did it a few times last year to get a feel for what hooking the ball should feel like, and every time I go from one handed to two handed, something goes south, either the ball goes in the gutter or my left shoulder hurts a little. These are some great drills, guys. Next time I practice, maybe I will give these a try.

    1. I’m 2 handed few years in. I can’t bowl one handed at all. I think it’s hard to break old habits

    2. @Carson Turcotte started bowling about 2 months now and at the start could never get anything with one hand and the guy at the bowling place told me to try 2 handed and I started getting better *still need to get better* and even sold me a bowling ball for 30 bucks and told me to practice and get better

    3. it’s going to hurt for a while because you start using muscles you haven’t used as much in 1 handed. you can really get used to it the more you do it, not just like 3 league games a week.

  2. Hi guys. Thanks for all the great tips. I’m a two hand bowler and I’ve been dealing with outer left thigh pain when bowling. What could be some reasons this is happening and how can I fix this issue please? I’d love some advice. Thank you!!! 🙏🏽

    1. Luis, might be a good idea to try our FREE trial at BackstageBowling.com and you can ask all 4 coaches these questions and more. Check it out!

    2. Hey man, I’ve been having that same issue. My problem was I was overworking my leg too much. I took a week off and did some yoga and leg stretches.

      Then, when you get back bowling, don’t push yourself too hard at first. Work up to that strength again.

      Best of luck.

  3. Yo thanks for the drills I’m a 2 handed bowler and last Saturday I joined a bowling league so I will use these drills thanks man appreciate you

  4. Great Tips. Can you make a video on spare shooting for two handed bowlers. I can’t find a good instruction for that anywhere especially on the release.

    1. You really need a plastic spare ball as a two hander. The increase in rev rate, as well as needing to support the ball with your dominant hand make the trick of flattening your wrist and throwing a reactive ball straight (like one handers can do) virtually impossible.

      Use the same release as you would with your reactive, just focus on your foot position at the start, and your target at the arrows. It’s just geometry from there.

    2. Plastic spare ball, don’t put any rev on the ball, flat hand it. You can slow the speed down too, with a plastic ball you shouldn’t hook even when slowing the ball speed. Give yourself room for error and practice specific shots:)

    3. Throw backups for 10 pin spares like I do. Cuz most the time as a right handed two handed bowler you’ll be left with right side spares

  5. Been having thumb nerve pain. I’ve been a one handed bowler since I was 4 but the thumb nerve pain is getting worse, and I’m not sure I can get thru warmups plus 3 games off league. I’ve been averaging 210-220 the last 7 years but thinking about switching to two handed. Guess the good news is I can fall back to one handed for spares.

  6. I’m trying to convert to a 2H bowler after bowling 30 years with a conventional one handed style.
    The highest my average has ever been was a 209 in leagues before I walked away from the sport
    for almost a decade. I got back into bowling about 6 months ago and not only was I shocked by
    how many 2H bowlers are out there compared to when I walked away from the sport, but I’ve also
    been having issues with my thumb during release. The issues with release since coming back to
    the sport had me thinking about transitioning to a 2H bowler. At first I wasn’t serious about it but
    lately I’ve been practicing multiple days a week on my 2H release. My biggest issue right now is
    none of my balls are drilled for a 2H release. Because of that I’m having a very tough time with
    consistency but it’s getting much better as of late. I also had an issue increasing my ball speed
    to match my 1 handed release speed but that also has been getting better as of late. If I can get
    my average up to a 180 or higher within about 6 months of practicing 2H that would give me the
    confidence to make the full switch.

    1. Same for me after many years thinking of going to handed. Have Psoriasis on my hands and my bowling thumb is often swollen and cracked opened. Plus hoping it will help be regain some speed in the ball.

  7. Appreciate the tips Coach. My nephew has been throwing 2 handed for a few years now. My niece, his sister, is now trying to learn to 2 hand it as well. I actually took them bowling last night so she could work on 2 handed outside of youth league. Her release and finish isn’t quite there and I was trying to have her do a few foul line and one step drills and she was still not quite getting the release down. I’ll definitely have her watch this video as I believe the visual of someone that actually throws 2 handed will help her more than me, not being a 2 hander, trying to project how the finish should look.

  8. I noticed that at 2:04 under the key points the collapse of the wrist wasnt mentioned. Is it a must to collapse the wrist or it’s fine hooking the ball straight from the cup wrist?

    1. While the collapsing of the wrist consistency isn’t necessarily a must, I think it does help to have a more consistent release and ball roll. I can also help to get the ball on the lane more cleanly with less hitting up on the ball motion through the release. Thanks for your question and thanks for watching our videos!!

  9. I’m 46 years. Been throwing 2 handed since I was 12 years old. These are very good tips to improve your game. Another important tip is your steps. A lot of the young 2 handlers today are “running” to the foul line. Slow your steps down and keep everything in front of you. Also, feet together and your arm closer to your body at your starting position. This will greatly improve your ball placement on the lane. Good luck and good bowling!

    1. Makes perfect sense this video and what you said hopefully can make my 185 average go to 190s thanks!!

  10. Very clear instructions and demonstration. Kudos to the coach! Will definitely try this training next time!

  11. After bowling for 8 years when I was younger with one hand, I had so much inconsistencies with my thumb. Had to get my thumb hole re-drilled so many times and it just never worked. I had to really fight to get any kind of hook on the ball, and my thumb has never really felt comfortable inside a bowling ball. I’m seriously considering switching to two hands.

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