4 Comments on “Two-Target Bowling System. Professional Tip for all Skill Level Bowlers.”

  1. Nice lesson, I try to use the two target system every time when I bowl and I am not use to it when I try it. I generally look at the dots between the fowl line and arrows and perform well so I am assuming that the two target approach still apply even when you look at the dots as your offense ball? Also, I don’t pull on the ball much or hardly when I focus on the dots and done very well with it.

  2. break point markers… that’s great… Out of the last four lanes our daughters H.S. team rolled on… didn’t have Break point markers Coach “Slim” Shady

  3. Had a lesson with my coach last night with a similar device to help me visualize the line. Really opened my mind to how and where to aim my balls.

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