25 Comments on “Understand Ball Speed. The #1 Way to Throw More Strikes in Bowling.”

  1. So true! Part of my β€œpost shot” routine is checking the monitor for ball speed after every shot.

  2. First thing I do if it felt good off my hand but doesn’t finish or finishes too strong is look at my speed. Even .2 or .3 mph can be flat 10 or stone 9 if everything else was good.

  3. This is really important for beginners – and difficult, too. Even a tiny bit of muscling the shot makes consistent ball speed a problem.

    1. Yeah its incredibly hard for me to keep a perfect range of speed and not atleast slightly muscle it, I always go above what I want which is about 16.5 mph or so πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜—

    2. @Austin Roach Knowing exactly when to accelerate at the bottom of the swing after letting gravity do its job on the downswing isn’t always easy, too.

  4. Good day Ms Shannon. I am a 77 year young male bowler. When I grow up I want to deliver the ball into the lane just like you!!

  5. Not softer, slower.
    A good way to develop speed control is to first, develop a free arm swing consistent with a natural step-by-step cadence, preferably a four step to start.
    Make note of the held height of ball in stance. Experiment with different heights of the ball in stance, (above & below one’s waist) and attempt to match the cadence with an “effortless” swing.
    Hope this may provide a lil’ assistance in someone’s quest to pass the test.
    PS. Not necessarily for all people, mostly beginners. U-Tube the topic and get different advice. Find a fit.
    And I must admit, her game truly fits.
    Peace to you and yours.

  6. I got the chance to put this in action today. Typically I start between the approach dots. Ball speed around 12mph. This is too slow for my stronger balls on a THS.
    Today I started with my heels on the back edge of the approach. Two games, starting with my Parallax Effect on the left, Astro Physix on the right, adjusting for the differences.
    My league average is 172.
    This move back, both balls, over 200. A 215 and 203.
    Also got a 214 with my Fast Pitch.
    Gonna do this next league night.
    Thanks a bunch. Made upping my ball speed easy without forcing it and losing balance.
    I’m 60yo. Definitely and intermediate bowler. I’d be happy just to get close to a 200 avg.

  7. Why does my ball speed look faster than hers but reads lower, do a lot of lanes have lower reads on the lanes?

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