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    1. @InsideBowling oh, I already knew that…I’m a Silver Coach and Jayhawk trained…but this was a great explanation for those who don’t know!

  1. I would just go with Symmetric all the way cause I’m a Straight Bowler and the Center that I bowled with my League can’t have Heavy Oil Patterns due to a broken Qubicaamf EZ Touch Oil Machine, even with the Qubicaamf Summit coming in our Center by 2021 with Heavy Oil but I’ll still have doubts with the mechanics maintaining it for the upcoming years.

    Edit: Brunswick and Kegel pretty much can have better Heavy Lane Conditions than Qubicaamf

    1. Really it doesn’t make as much difference as you’d think anymore. Core made more different in the 90s 2000s


    1. Ernesto, thanks. You are the 2nd person today to request the IB show to come back. Weekly was the suggestion from the other person too.

    2. @InsideBowling 🙏🏾
      Hope it’s in the cards even if its down the road. Between colligic Pba Pwba regional and top amateur/pro there is some good stuff out there.

      You got your finger on da pulse.
      Keep plugging away.
      Appreciate you and da crews efforts.
      Thanks for all you do

  3. Throw urethane at everything crew checking in.

    jk jk, seriously doe, there isn’t any reason any player under 350 or so RPM needs an asym. Not enough rotation. At least in my opinion. I get around 320 or so RPM and I’ll typically throw an asym on super long patterns. Even then I’ll typically put it away after the lanes get broken down some. Now if you have lots of rotation, symmetrical stuff will leave flat 10s all the time. Load everything up with asyms and maybe have one symmetrical if necessary. Mo Pinel at Radical says the same thing but I’ve known it for awhile now too.

    1. Mo talks about how to build a 5 or 6 ball arsenal based on your style of bowling; stroker, twinner or cranker. His recommendation is asym or sym heavy pending on your style. His belief is that a stroker should be asym (4 of 6 balls) heavy because they allow more versatility when it comes to drilling the ball (stronger v. weaker layout). Twinner could be 50, 50 and cranker who doesnt need a stronger layout sym heavy, 4 of 6 balls.

    2. @David Chamberlain I do the opposite as a high rotation, mid speed bowler. Assym everything and I’m carrying a 200+

  4. Thanks for explaining about the difference between the cores of sym. ans asmy. Got question ? Which would be the best for medium oil verse dry lane ?

    1. When you’re talking about medium oil versus a dry lane, your really talking about oil volume. And what oil volume determines is the strength of the ball that you should be using. Generally speaking, when the lanes are very dry, you’re going to want the ball to be very clean and get through all of the friction on the lane, so you’re going to want a shiny ball that will most likely be symmetrical because asymmetry in the core generally makes the ball stronger. On a medium oil pattern, you may be able to use a symmetrical or asymmetrical ball depending on many factors such as your bowler variables, lane surface, specific pattern, etc. Hope this helps!

  5. I know there are other factors involved like coverstock, RG, differential, etc. I’m considering the Storm IQ Tour Nano Pearl which is synnetrical and has a low differential. Would this be compatible with house shots or modified sport patterns like Big Ben, Asian American, or Stone Street? My ball speed is in the low teens and I have an average rev rate, and I average between 185-190. I usually shoot anywhere from 13 to 17 boards.

    1. Was browsing comments and saw your questions so figured I would give you some feedback. I’ve drilled and seen the IQ tour Nano and our house shot is Big Ben on hpl lane surface. It is a very smooth ball but picks up the front of the lane quickly oob which can make it very smooth off the friction further downlane. In my opinion the IQ Nano is a bit too smooth for most on house patterns. Your pro shop would know your game specifically and if you match up to the Nano but unless polished a bit we haven’t seen many used on our house pattern. It looks great on sport patterns. Very controllable motion just like the IQ tour original with an earlier motion and smoother shape downlane. In comparison the IQ emerald is much cleaner through the front of the lane and more angular and quick down lane. I personally use low dif equipment when I’m trying to control my motion and want to keep my angles more closed down. Hope that helps, take care.

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