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Watch as Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross and Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney demonstrate different release styles used today. Choose a release that works best for you.

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33 Comments on “Versions of the Bowling Release | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. Nice! This video might have just solved my one-handed release issue. The explaination of the “modern” release and how it is similar to a full-roller release might be the key for me. I can roll two-handed without a problem, but the “contemporary” 3/4 roller release–the way I try to do it–causes all kinds of trouble for me. Need to try the “modern” release. I’ve seen the motion in slow motion videos of bowlers like Sean Rash and Mike Fagan. (The little bit of experimenting I just did at home is encouraging. Hard to tell by how the ball rolls on carpet though!)

    1. *****
      Yeah, and none of that really helped. heh Being more sutble with my hand, relaxing, and temporarily slowing my speed down did help.

    2. shuumai I have recently tried slowing my speed down with no good results. I have to be myself. My normal ball speed is 14.4- 16.0 With this being said, staying in the oil, my ball speed is slower. Hitting the 1board and smokin back to the pocket, my ball really gains speed and power. I can’t​ explain this…

  2. When you think of the “figure eight” hand turn for the full roller you think Bill Allen. The king of the full roller release is the legendary Billy Hardwick.

    1. Amen! Billy Hardwick is my favorite bowler of all time. I have some videos of him on my youtube channel which is dedicated to the classic Full Roller style.

    2. And I have seen all of them. Thanks for your contribution. In fact, even though the full roller is discouraged to roll, I’m considering throwing it when I get back into bowling. Hopefully soon.

  3. I’ve always understood a full roller as *only* tracking between the thumb and finger holes and nowhere else. What is being described here must be a track that covers the full circumference of the ball but with its axis shifted such that the track is moved outside of the thumb/finger hole space. Interesting. Maybe this type of roll could be called something else, e.g., “circle roller”, “shifted-axis full roller”, etc…???

    1. Yeah, that has confused me for quite a while, and this vid finally made me understand. You’re right — there should almost be a different name for this delivery.

      EDIT (2.1.17): Maybe they could call the original full-roller the “Classic full-roller” and the other one the “Modern full-roller”. I’m glad I watched this vid, it answered a question I’d long had.

  4. I would love to see an in depth video on the full roller style, and drilling options. I definitely roll full roller, with the ball tracking in between the fingers and thumb, and really have only found that the pin to the left of my thumb hole works well…

  5. I bowl more “conventionally” as you said. My hand is never behind the ball. It’s always on the side and I get a lot of revs because I’m basically just pulling up.

    1. You don’t get alot of revs pulling up that’s so old school and totally inaccurate as far as shot making is concerned.

    1. Dumb, no. actually two handed style but releases one hand at the release point. Not two handed release, it is two handed style

  6. I noticed that at the end of this video the bowler doesn’t slide she just plants her foot. I’ve not noticed this before. Is there a reason why she does this? Is one easier to do or does it depend, more of a bowler preference?

    1. I believe it is more of a bowler preference like a bowler chooses to use the thumb inside the thumb hole or not.

    2. for slide or no slide it is bowlers preference. some like to plant and throw and get more of a slingshot effect or rubber band. Some slide and that is just for wen ur releasing ur going with the ball on ur release. I throw 2 fingers and slide, but i also throw with 3 fingers and plant my foot.

  7. Hi guys 💥 I’m a new subscriber to your channel 😋 I have been told recently that I throw a “heavy ball”. Is this good for me? My release is definitely like Shannon’s. I have been bowling about a year and my avg. 189. Both of my bowling balls are drilled the same. Code Red and storm Intense are PIN-up and 1 inch right of ring finger. I have watched Lil Kim on ESPN many times. Always was smiling on the outside, but don’t know what was churning Inside..If you can help me, it’s very much appreciated….🐸

    1. Hi Alan.  Heavy ball” can mean several things: 1) the ball is actually too heavy for you, 2) the ball impacts the pins with a lot of force, 3) the balls tendency is to get through the skid/hook/roll phases of ball motion quickly. Lets look at each description to see if they’re good for a bowler.1. If the ball is too heavy for your physical game you will want to find the proper weight for your technique. Too heavy of a ball can lead to poor mechanics and therefore bad habits or limited versatility and accuracy. The Bowling Academy has several videos to help:a. What Bowling Ball Weight Should I Use? ( Ball Weight in Bowling Stance – USBC Video ( Choosing a Bowling Ball That is Right for Your Arsenal ( If the ball impacts the pins with a lot of speed and force the results can be beneficial for pin fall. It’s as important to know where the balls impacting the pocket for a “heavy roll” so here are a couple videos about the strike pocket.a. Facts About the Bowling Strike Pocket | USBC Bowling Academy ( How to Get Strikes in Bowling: Entry Angle Techniques – USBC Video ( Bowling Pocket and Strike Percentages ( If the ball motion leaves the skid phase and enters the hook and roll phases quickly the ball can be identified as a “heavy rolling” hook motion. This can be good for heavy oil or long length lane conditions but may need adjusting for short or low volume patterns. Here are videos on ball motion.a. Understanding Bowling Ball Motion ( Breaking Down Ball Motion – Bowling Training Video ( Bowling Lane Play | USBC Bowling Academy ( may be easier to have a certified coach on hand to help with your specific needs. Look for one to help work with your game. Visit and use the “Find a…” tab (top right of the page) to locate a coach. Enter your zip code and a radius then click “search.” It may also help to locate a certified pro shop operator in your area by using the IBPSIA website and searching your zip code. Here’s their address for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

  8. Amen! Finally someone with courage to call a “#2hands” bowler what it is… A one handed bowler that is to weak and under educated to hold a 13-16 lbs ball with one hand… Drop the bumpers, lose the ramp and bowl like a big girl….

    1. @Providenza Those people you refer to that “enjoy it’ are because they “learned” you they could throw it that way using a much heavier ball for more pop. Fact, very, very few 1 handers can get near the rev rate of a 2 hander as they by nature can keep their fingers farther below the equator at release thus imparting more RPM, simple physics. Compare the top 2 handers and the top 1 handers and with few exceptions (EJ Tacket) they are between 100 and 150 RPM greater in RPM generated. The 2 handed style also allows the off hand to help guide the ball on target more easily, I don’t care much either way, but you’ve heard the term on the PBA of the “Belmo effect” where he can destroy a pattern for a 1 hander in just 1 game.

  9. I only bowl once or twice a year so I’m not very good (average around 140). I straight bowl mostly and I think I release the ball evenly from my fingers and connect very smooth with the lane. Also, I end up very low when releasing able to palm the floor. I wonder if this is not a suggested technique or it’s whatever works best for you?

  10. Shannon Pluhowski does not throw a full roller. I don’t know why they are saying she does. She doesn’t have zero tilt either. She has less than average tilt amongst professionals and a higher than average track but absolutely NOT a full roller.

  11. Sort of like cheating if you think about it. Two handed bowling isn’t really bowling and they should have their own League if at all. To generate Twice The Rev rate as well as speed… I just think two handed bowling is ridiculous… About like playing frisbee, or they call it disc golf… Which in itself has not one thing to do with golf either

  12. Though if your thumb is out in the two handed style, it creates both comfort and a more consistent release

    1. It’s just about the feel of the person bowling, one handed or two bowling is all about the feel. If u feel bad with your performance fitting for your ball your never gonna Throw it well

  13. Hmm.. I don’t throw like this at all, but my 10 game average is 176, with a strike rate of 45% (as in 10 consecutive games). I don’t use the thumb at all, and throw a 16lb ball… I wonder if they will do a more up to date video that covers more throwing styles. My style is far from “normal” but works quite well and is fairly consistent, though after about the 6th game my accuracy starts to suffer from fatigue.

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