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USBC Gold Coach Richard Shockley speaks with USBC Director of Coaching Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and presents a good warm-up drill for all bowlers. You will be able to feel the correct motion for your release and learn to keep your elbow close to your body.

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6 Comments on “Warm Up Bowling Drill | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. Hi,

    I will test out the drill.  I am not sure if I am a not keeping my inner elbow near my body but I am having pain and soreness at my inner elbow after many rounds of bowling.  My question is this, based on the video, by keeping the inner elbow inside and it seems much more forward as compared to the outer elbow.. it seems as if the palm direction is more open rather than closed.  is that the position we want when we release the ball?  Thanks.

  2. it looks like a nice form, the ball is released right next to his leg. but, that kid is tall and lanky. i don’t think my upper body & right arm are capable of hanging over that far in order to accomplish that exactly. my equivalent swing puts the ball ~18″ away from my leg at release, as opposed to the ~8″ this kid is showing.

  3. this drill is not for those people who are older ( 50 )+ the stress on the elbow is tremendous and the chance of injury is very high . Better than this video would be a set os exercises pre game for those 55+ . The physicality is just not there for 55+ ….gotta love these video by instructors …..look at the students or the players they are using to show the exercise or lesson . Put in a 60+ and this video would look dramatically different

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