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There is a lot of information that you as a bowler need before you get out there and compete. There are various ways that this information can be collected. USBC Gold coach Stephen Padilla and USBC Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard share how specifics such as topography, lane surface, oil pattern, the format of the tournament, can affect your game.

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41 Comments on “What a Good Bowler Needs to Know | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. I’d to practice all of this stuff, but it’s $11 a game at my alley and I can’t even hook the ball :/ I’ve done it once or twice, but that’s about it.

    1. Damm where I live it’s 2hours unlimited bowling and a pizza chicken wings and soda for 67bucks included rental of the shoes

  2. Hey it seems like all my bowling balls on synthetic lanes, it’s the same pattern and length, curve more on synthetic lanes. Why? Also I play with a decently high rev rate, what is a good heavy oil ball to use

    1. Hi Dalton.  If they’re stronger reactive balls they’re reacting on the back of the lane because synthetics are harder than wood lanes and are less textured. Wood lanes are softer and create more contact area with the surface of the ball so the ball has a larger footprint and more traction. This makes the ball reaction on wood lanes smoother with less overall backend motion.There are many good heavy oil balls from each manufacturer. For a current list look in the Bowlers Journal’s monthly publication for ratings and performance. Website link: http://www.bowlersjournal.com/ .Continue training your flexibility as often as possible and do dynamic stretches to warm up before bowling and static stretches when cooling down after bowling. Dynamic stretches warm the bodies core and get the blood flowing, static stretches extend the muscles past their normal range of motion.Dynamic stretches include: jumping jacks, running in place, arm swings, shoulder circles, controlled leg swings, side bends, torso twists, etc…Static stretches include: quadriceps stretch, triceps stretch, forearm extenders/flexors, neck/shoulder rotation, neck stretch, calf stretch, side stretch, etc.

  3. I dont know why I cant ever find anything on being a straight traditional bowler without curving the ball at all . I want to lean how to but when I try to learn how to curve it I almost break my middle finger . Iv gotten 214 from just being a straight bowler and getting alot strikes and most of my spares .

    1. JoshDB1986 I would definitely look into going into 2 handed bowling. I had the same problem as a one hander but I never bowled straight. Bowling straight is not traditional bowling because it just doesn’t work. You get absolutely no angle to the pocket, and you commonly leave big splits. If you’re struggling right now, get a plastic ball drilled to fit you for 2 handed bowling. Hook will automatically come from the 2 handed release. Hope this helps.

    2. I understand this may be a little late, but I used to do pretty much the same thing (besides the 214 lol). And my suggestion for you is not to switch to a two-handed style, as that would be a lot more work considering you are already used to bowling one handed. Now, my advice is to get yourself a custom bowling ball that has stats that seem like they match your playstyle (whether you have a lot of revs and speed or any other style). Have that ball drilled to fit your hand so that it’s comfortable. And if you feel like you’re almost gonna break your middle finger trying to hook the ball, then you’re probably doing something totally wrong with your release. You shouldn’t be twisting your hand all around or anything to make the ball hook. If you get a custom bowling ball and throw it a few times, you’ll find that the ball has its own hook. You don’t wanna try to force it. Just relax your hand in the ball and throw it normally. The ball will do all the work for you. The last pieces of advice I would tell you is to get fingertips in your bowling ball (they feel weird at first but once you get used to them you can’t bowl without them). Also, keep your wrist firm and follow through. Make the right adjustments and you’ll do fine. Good luck!

    3. If you have a ball drilled to throw straight you’re going to have a very hard and painful time hooking. You need a fingertip ball in order to put the rotation on the ball without worrying about snapping your fingers off

  4. Can someone offer me suggestion? I have been bowling 12 pound house balls with a 150 average. I bought my first ball, a 15 pound DV8, had it custom drilled. Now I can’t bowl worth a damn! Often the ball just B-lines to the left.

    1. Hi.  Moving up from the house ball to a high-performance ball can be an entirely different set of circumstances, as you’re experiencing. There are several adjustments you can make to accommodate the new-found hook.Here, in no particular order, are a list of options to help make this new equipment work for you. (These options presume you’re a right-handed bowler as the balls hooking to the left.)-Move your feet left-Move your eyes/target to the right-Increase ball speed, use footwork to do this-Decrease revolution rate, relax the hand positionAny of these or a combination of them can help adjust for a stronger ball motion. Remember also that you may want to consider a “spare” ball (less aggressive) for shooting right side spares, especially the 10 pin.

    2. Yeah, i had the same issues. I was using the standards balls provided, then when i got the new reactive and a hook style grip my scores went down for a bit. Got some suggestions from an experienced friend and once i got use to the differences my scores are starting to improve again.

      You just need to give yourself enough time to adapt is all.

  5. How about for people who regularly bowl in a terrible house and those same people in 8 years haven’t shot a single game under 230 anywhere except the place they regularly bowl and in that place they struggle to maintain a 220 because the pins are 5 years old and the machines are over 30 years old with a leaky roof and carpet everywhere? Tips or advice? Thanks.

    1. Get a new ball, a magic ball of wonder must be will ing to travel to the land of m ordor and battle the gutter creatures of death and fight split headed gorgons and watch out for the pinsess of 10

  6. One thing to keep in mind, lanes 1 and 2 (and the last two lanes) will be massively affected by temperature changes and sometimes humidity if the doors are close by. I can’t say how many tournaments I’ve been to where the lanes we move to (that are against a outside to inside wall) affect where I stand by 5 boards (stroker)

  7. My house is shitty. Bad equipment unknowledged staff and they don’t care. Wish my lanes were like this.

  8. I bowl league at Steve Cook’s Fireside Lanes in Citrus Heights Ca. 75© a game on Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm. $1 a game Sunday-thursday. Fri, Saturday, 9pm- to closing, $10 all night.. Great people, great food…

  9. The biggest thing I notice about these “pro bowlers” is the lanes are always empty..

    Maybe its he underdog in me but if you cant hit 300 with chitty chatty Tom and Jane to your left and the birthday party of 4 kids to your right, then maybe you’re that sniper who cant shot straight when under fire.
    No hate. I just had different conditions to play in.

    1. “chitty chatty Tom and Jane to your left and the birthday party of 4 kids to your right” – don’t forget about the group of 10 students who cheer whenever more then 4 pins go down and the music, and the fact the lanes haven’t seen oil in 3 months and the fact they allow outdoor shoes and the approaches are all messed up because of it. God I need to find a new bowling alley…

    2. Strange as it might sound but bowling in a true solo environmemt is a lot like starring in a prono.
      The truth is there is a LOT more action than just you and her on the set. If you can perform under those circumstances then you really ARE the star.

    3. It’s not just about noise levels. It’s about how your subconscious mind interprets those sounds. On an ordinary night at the local alley, your brain is filtering most of the sounds out because it has decided that none of it is aimed at stopping you from achieving your goal at that moment. That is, in all that noise, none of those people probably give two fucks about what you’re doing and your brains threat detection system understands that.

      But, in a competition setting things are completely different. There are a lot of people focused and have stakes in what happens during any given frame. The brain also knows this is and interprets any noise or extraneous motion as a purposeful action to obstruct you in your path achieve your current goal.

  10. Great Bowling Tips – Thank You For This Valuable Information.
    We Have Tips Too. and Will Be Share and Posting Your Videos On Our Fanpage and Websites and Blogs!

  11. Great Bowling Tip! We Have Bowling Tips Too – We Liked Yours So We Will Be Sharing It On Our Fanpage and Website and Blog!
    Thank You Again!

  12. At my house there is doors at both ends to enter, lanes 1-4 and 12-16 are much differant than lanes than the ones in the middle such as lanes 7-8, because its alsmost always freezing in the winter the lanes are very slippery because some of the oil freezes over.

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