28 Comments on “Why Balance is Important in Bowling. Easy Drill to Throw More Strikes.”

  1. Hey Shannon Great Video! I would always have trouble keeping balance at the foul line and I hope this tip will work!

    1. @InsideBowling quick question as a two handed ( myself ) I have a problem with consistency and moving when I need too any pointers or tips my avg is 172 I’ve been bowling for 2 years I’m 15

  2. I worked on this exact aspect a year and a half ago! My shot consistency went up, my release became more consistent and my average increased for that year! Yes, it took a lot of work, both physical and mental, but SO worth it. Thank you, again, Shannon for everything you share.

    1. Shannon I been following u in action games your supper. Thanks for the tip
      Every one is different I will keep trying
      To better my average.

  3. When I committed to posting my shot for EVERY shot (strikes and spares) “magically” my scores improved. And having good leg and core strength helps you post a quality shots. πŸ™‚

  4. Your absolutely correct but when you get older have have a bad knee landing on the left foot can be really hard

    1. The one step approach is something the professional instructor,s taught me when I was 14. I used it again to experiment with a different release that increased my average in league play . In a 36 week year I gained 30 pins on my average in the last 16 weeks. Went from 171 to 201.

  5. I notice that I am so inconsistent when I am out of balance. I agree with Shannon. It may not look like the pro’s do this but I bet they do.

  6. When I get lazy I step off to the side….so bad….I try to post on every shot…it really works…great tip.

  7. I definitely notice a difference and know when I didn’t post my shot. If the ball isn’t coming out right, generally my finish isn’t right either.

  8. Thanks, I was looking for specific topic. Been working on my 4 step approach and release but still struggling with balance on the post. At first I felt dumb doing the one step drill at the alley alone until I was talking to one of the pros there and he told me that I’m not practicing it enough.

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