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  1. And don’t forget to throw that towel or shammy into the wash (by itself) regularly too. Best to have 2 or 3 if you bowl multiple leagues, then use the fresh ones when possible and toss them all into the washing machine at the end of the week.

    1. DASO MILITIA Hmm…I’ve been using cotton cloths for 12 years. High average 233…300/793 last year.

    2. DASO MILITIA Since when is microfiber, non “proper cloth” ? I doubt anything works “much better than microfiber”. But i am open to suggestions. Any links?

    3. @Bowling XP ! I also have a ball spinner and ball oven, do my own surface management at home, and use nothing but cheap cotton cleaning cloths for deeper cleaning at home.

  2. Hey Shannon I have a question: When I get into my slide step and planted, my arm swing is still in the mid swing which causes me to hop. How Can I fix this and when should the arm swing come down from the swing?

    1. Each bowler is different and there is no absolute rule. Depends if what you do causes you issues or not. Generally it seems that the most useful timing is that when you start your slide your arm should be parallel to the ground. If it is a bit higher or lower its ok, as long as you dont muscle it.

  3. I absolutely love these! I get so excited every Tuesday to watch another Tip Tuesday πŸ™‚

  4. I wipe mine only before the first shot. Even though I have plenty of towels, I have only used 1 since 1999, never washed it.

  5. I see a lot of the pros and league bowlers who never wipe there bowling balls off at all! What a shame.

  6. Question? Maybe you can do a show on hand supports? I have a leather wrap around thumb design! What kind do have and why do you wear that type?

  7. How would I go about finding a coach in my area? Need to work on a couple things to really take my game to another level, and finding it tough to keep consistancy in these areas.

    1. You didn’t get a reply and you should: start by talking to your local league folks or go into the proshop (assuming you have one you like) and see if they offer coaching or know of any coaches.

  8. I’m one who wipes my bowl when I feel like it, but clean it after a competition. I’ll try to make this my new preshot routine.

  9. It’s always nice to have clean balls lol but defiantly, keep the oil off the ball cause it can mess with your next shot and get soaked into the bowling ball surface as well…

  10. Love this tip πŸ™‚ I knew I was doing it for a good reason and not just because it looked cool πŸ™‚ lol

  11. I wonder how well you bowl without the wrist aids? Since I have arthritis, I am considering one, but how much of an advantage will it give?

  12. Another great tip. I like the information Shannon provides. I’m really enjoying bowling again after years away. Wish I could get rid of knee pain, though, as it would be more fun

  13. What if your house shot is dry? Would it help to leave what oil is on the ball to help the ball go longer before hooking?

  14. I have used this as part of my pre-shot routine for a while now and it has helped my game, it does help keep ball reaction consistent.

    1. Thanks for the great question! We recommend cleaning your bowling ball after every use before you put in your bowling bag or locker. Using a shammy or towel after each shot can help to remove oil so it has less of a chance to absorb into the ball. Using a ball cleaning wipe or some ball cleaning on a towel after your session is over will help to clean and remaining oil off of the ball before putting it away. I hope this helps and thanks for watching our videos!!

  15. I used to do this just out of habit of motions. I now have adopted my coach’s method of hardly bothering unless it gets an ugly rubber smudge. A good cleaning after a game and getting it baked every handful of months (depending on rate of play) keeps it moving. Players trashing the pattern with urethane are way more problematic than oil rings on the ball soaking in.

  16. What about spare balls? If we don’t wipe the oil from plastic/polyester balls, won’t it decrease our spare ball’s hooking capability, thus making it easier the follow the straighter is greater mantra for spare shooting?

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