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This video is a look back at a historical night at Harvest Lanes in St. Charles, MO on Wednesday November 30th 2011. Buckets on Deck (Connor Druhm, Eddie Cetwinski, EJ Parks, Brad Miller, & Ryan Council) bowled the highest ever recorded single team game with 1434 including a 300 & 298 game. The Breakaway Men's League is USBC sanctioned and can be followed on for a complete list of accomplishments. was on hand to cover the action and piece together multiple cell phone videos for your enjoyment. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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21 Comments on “World Record Bowling Team Game – Buckets on Deck – St. Charles, MO”

  1. @Jemeagle99 I’m agreeing with you and these guys had a great night. No doubt about that. Bowling now is really just a carry contest though. I know of a couple teams here where I live that easily have the talent these guys have if not more. Most likely more considering when the one team I’m thinking about lost only like 8 points the whole season (thats what happens when these guys get together and decide they want to run show).

  2. As a member of the team they beat (OT Hills 1413) I am very proud of the guys. I have known EJ and Ryan for several years and have to say that if someone had to beat us i am glad it is a group of real bowlers, not just some league hacks. Congrats boys. Oh and bite me!!!!

  3. The biggest thing that I can say to everyone something like that takes luck as well as skill. Good shot or bad shot can strike as we all know. Ill be honest when I said that I was worried about myself making my shots than anyone else on the team because of the gap in experience between my teammates and myself, but we did it. Bash us or praise us as you want, we aren’t naive classless or ignorant to our surroundings in the game. Just know that what we did was special to us and will remain so.

  4. Wow, as if there was any doubt that you can find a hater in any crowd. This is a monumental achievement. There have been great bowlers rolling in leagues with blocked shots for decades, and they didn’t set this record. Congrats guys!

  5. After reading all the comments thank you everyone for your positive or negative feedback. I do not care if people bash this score or how we bowled because I went out with a group of my friends and had an amazing night that none of us will ever forget for the rest of our lives. For those who have been bashing such as Jemeagle99 only people that truly know us have any right to bash us, you know absolutely nothing about us and our game even if it isn’t like the old days times change Go cry about it

  6. @Jemeagle99
    I understand your criticism of modern scoring pace. However, knowing these guys so well I can say that just because they’re not household names doesn’t mean they can’t play. In my opinion, I feel they have more talent than the team we had. Ours was just easier to recognize with two former PBA National titlist and Pete Weber’s older brother.

    Randy Lightfoot

  7. Correct me if I am wrong; wood lanes with burnt up heads? Looks like it to me. If so, this makes it all the more impressive.

  8. House shot or not these guys from top to bottom all throw the ball very well. Plus still have to knock all ten down. Congrads!

  9. As a former Lindenwood bowler/alumni (2003) I want to congratulate the guys on their achievements. I have followed Lindenwood bowling since I graduated. I recognize the emotion from the video, if you have bowled in college tournaments it looks awfully familiar. Old school bowlers would never get it. Coach Randy (one of the former record-holders) is very good at what he does, and he should get some credit here too, for working with these guys also to develop their games.

  10. Again, congrats guys on your record, you all earned it, you all work hard on your game, especially if Coach Randy has added to the practice and coaching regimen he had when he started with my class in 2002-03.

  11. They remind me of the time I made it to nationals for 4 steps. My team and I couldn’t act as crazy as them but on the inside we felt like them haha. I think the only two differences between us and them are age and they do 10 pin, we do five pin. But that was some really nice shooting. Nice job.

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